Grey Cup Sunday thoughts

For the third consecutive year a Gryphon will be playing in the Grey Cup as Rob Maver will handle the punting chores for the Calgary Stampeders. Check out this blog’s Q & A with Rob Maver if you missed it earlier in the week. In 2011, it was Nick FitzGibbon who played in the 99th edition of the Grey Cup as a Winnipeg Blue Bomber. Of course, FitzGibbon was playing for former Gryphon player and coach Kyles Walters, the Bombers’ Special Teams coordinator. And back in 2010 Ryan Bomben won a Grey Cup ring in his first season with the Montreal Alouettes.

Chris Rossetti holds CFL East Div Championship trophy

As in 2011, Maver isn’t the only former Gryphon involved in the game. The Toronto Argonauts employ a pair of former Gryphons. Mike O’Shea, a 2007 inductee into the Guelph Athletics Hall of Fame is the Argos’ Special Teams coordinator. Chris Rossetti who was playing for the Gryphons just last season is a Scouting Assistant for the CFL club.

Mentioning Ryan Bomben above reminds me that I intended to show this highlight clip of him catching his first touchdown pass. It happened 4 weeks ago but it is still worth watching. It is as athletic a grab as you will ever see a 305-pound o-lineman make. Bomben’s development from a 250lb recruit into a 300lb draft pick four years later reinforces what I really like about the Guelph’s Strength and Conditioning program. While that is a topic for another post, the fact that he, and others, have been able to get bigger and stronger without sacrificing as much speed and athleticism as in some programs is absolutely a key part of the success of Guelph’s S&C.

*     *     *

The Vanier Cup
Photo: Kevin Gamble/CBC

The past two years the CFL’s Grey Cup game and the CIS’s Vanier Cup championship have been matched together on the same weekend in the same city. But apparently that won’t happen in 2013 with the Grey Cup being held in Regina. A location for the 2013 Vanier has not been announced. Keep in mind that the company that has managed the marketing of the Grey & Vanier Cup games and events the past two years is MRX. It is owned by Bob Young who also owns the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Why not play the 2013 Vanier Cup game in Guelph’s Alumni Stadium?

Young’s Ticats will be investing the money necessary to make Alumni into a venue suitable for CFL games. Those same investments would make it a location fit for a Vanier Cup game. Think about it … 15,000 seats in a college campus environment, our beautiful new field, the largest video scoreboard on a Canadian campus, lots of parking close by, a great environment for tailgating, a whole season of CFL games to work out the “bugs” w.r.t. traffic, security, concessions, et cetera. TSN who will broadcast CFL games from Alumni is also the broadcaster of the Vanier Cup. Many of the sponsorship arrangements that the Ticats/MRX will have for the CFL season could be extended to the Vanier.

To give credit where it is due, the genesis of this idea for me came from one of this blog’s frequent contributors to the comments section – birddawg. His original comment is here.

1984 Vanier Cup Champions
Pat Tracey, Mike Knighton, Steve MacMillan, Daryl Skuse (back)

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