It’s finally here …

The Yates Cup Championship game. It has taken five years for the Gryphons to get back to this game. It has been a long road. Even this season the preseason game in Saskatoon seems like a distant memory. It was the game the following week, the 50-9 loss at McMaster, that got our season started on the wrong foot. But wait, if we started off “on the wrong foot” how did we end up where we are now. In retrospect, it looks like the Gryphon players and coaches did exactly what I was advising fans to do. Forget about it.

In case you don’t remember, going back to last spring, I was telling people that the season opener at Mac was the least important game on our schedule.  Some people were critical of me for not being more upset about the embarrassing loss. But I had said in my preview of that game … Taking on the country’s #1 ranked team in week 1 will be a stiff test but getting it out of the way early could be a good thing. Anyways, there ought to be no complaining from Gryphon fans about what this team has accomplished since.

As one Gryphon Football alumnus wrote … Regardless of what happens on Saturday, I think I can safely say that most of us Gryphon football alumni are very, very proud of this young gryphon team already.

*     *     *

Some of the best quotes from this morning’s Guelph Mercury:

After receiving little recognition in the way of OUA football awards or first-team all-star picks, the Guelph Gryphons are using it as a rallying point.

“We went into the season knowing we were a blue collar team and that’s a role that we’ve taken on full force,” defensive lineman Mike Millar said. He was named a second-team all-star this week. “That describes our season. We have no first-team OUA all-stars and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

… “The mood around practice is awesome,” offensive lineman Matt Richardson said. He’s a second-team all-star. “This team believes we can go into Saturday and get the W and we’ve been practising that way.”

… “Arguably, they could be considered the best football team the OUA has ever had,” Guelph head coach Stu Lang said of the Marauders. “We have to play error-free football. We can’t play like we’ve done in the past with penalties and things, but I think the guys are ready.”

Full story here: Football Gryphs believe in team first

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One Response to It’s finally here …

  1. birddawg says:

    I enjoyed todays game a lot…thanks Peter for the ticket and this blog – great work. The Mac fans were fun to be around and their team deserving of the win. The Gryphon’s provided so much enjoyment for me this year, and they exeeded my expectations. Congratulations to the team and the coaching staff, there is so much to be proud of. Next year is going to be awesome for Guelph!

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