Twas the night before the Yates

The Yates Cup – the oldest trophy in football

I am very excited that tomorrow’s big game is almost upon us. I see the weather report for Hamilton is no longer calling for mostly sunny skies. The graphic of rain clouds looks ominous but the notes say that the total accumulation of rain in the next 24 hours shouldn’t exceed 1 millimeter. That is negligible. Hardly worth breaking out the rain gear for. With temps expected to be 9 or 10 degrees it could be a very decent day for a football game.

No more arriving late for the tailgates for me. I learned my lesson last week. I will be on the Mac campus bright and early and parking in Lot H. If the will call lineups for tickets aren’t too bad I hope to be tailgating by 10 am. I have put two coats of red paint on a new cowbell tonight. I was also working on turbo-charging an older bell that had lost its clanger but I’ll need more time to get it right. Perhaps for the Mitchell bowl next week. 🙂

Check out my cowbell post from last year, particularly the videos. It still disappoints me that I haven’t been able to find a cowbell as big as the ones those Mississippi State fans have.

*     *     *

The CISblog today posted their Conference championship point spreads. I don’t think anyone would expect Guelph to be anything but a sizeable underdog against McMaster. But I’m still surprised they went as high as 24 points.

OUA – Guelph at McMaster (-24)

The CISblog writers have made the Gryphons an underdog many times this season. And other than the season opener the Gryphs have not just covered but have won outright. I was expecting a spread in the 17 to 21 point range. But really it doesn’t matter. I don’t bet on the games or any sports for that matter. I think this team relishes their underdog status. And that has been a good position for Guelph when the Gryphons play in a Yates Cup. All three Guelph victories – 1984, 1992 & 1996 – have come on the road against higher ranked teams. I expect Guelph to cover because I expect the Gryphons to win the game.

*     *     *

This is a video you really should watch. I am quite frustrated that I can’t get it to work in the blog’s video player. It is from TheScore’s coverage of last week’s game versus Queen’s when they had captain Mike Millar mic’d up. Millar’s best line in the video: You’d probably get more material from my mom in the stands. She’s the wild one in the family.  LOL

The link: OUA Uncut – Mike Millar

*     *     *

I had heard that there were some special things planned for tonight’s weekly team dinner. It seems one of those things is a motvational message from Atlanta Falcons GM and former Gryphon Thomas Dimitroff Jr. He spoke live to the team via Skype on a large screen at the Cutten Fields Country Club.

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2 Responses to Twas the night before the Yates

  1. millarmom says:

    LOL……….thanks Brad, I hadn’t seen the whole clip but definitely heard about it. What can I say, you have seen me in action in the stands. It’s a war in the stands as well as on the turf. I love this team, they have spirit, they have swag, they have talent, they have heart. GO GRYPHONS GO

  2. There might be too many bitter Queen’s fans at the CIS Blog to be rational about Guelph’s irrational journey to the Yates.

    Go Gryphs Go!

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