Yates Cup tickets are already on sale

Updated Update:  All tickets have been sold!! Go Gryphons!!

Important Update: Gryphon fans can still buy tickets. They will be on sale up until 5 pm Tuesday at the W.F. Mitchell Athletic Centre or online at the Gryphon Box Office. They must be picked up in Guelph by 5 pm Friday. These tickets are Guelph’s allotment from the OUA. Tickets unsold by 5 pm Tuesday have to be turned back to the OUA.

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Final score of Yates Cup semi
Photo: Kim Zabawa

What a great, great win today! There are dozens of superlatives that one could come up with to describe it but one that I won’t use is unbelieveable. It seemed I was asked a dozen times after the game: “can you believe this?”. And my answer was always “yes I can”. Anyways, I will have lots more to say about the game. What Gryphon fans need to know is that McMaster began selling Yates Cup tickets right after their win over Western.

I arrived at Mac’s Ron Joyce Stadium late in the 2nd quarter. The UWO Mustangs put up a pretty good fight before the Marauders subdued them. [It was 17-17 at the half.] The Mac box office was open after the game and I saw dozen of maroon-clad fans lined up to buy tickets. Online ticket sales are supposed to start at 9 am Sunday. Don’t waste any time before ordering your tickets. This game will sell-out for sure as the seating capacity at Mac is only 6,000.

The crowd at McMaster didn’t come close to matching the energy or the volume of yesterday’s crowd at Alumni Stadium. The Gryphons need a huge Guelph contingent to cheer them on in Saturday’s Yates Cup final.

The link for Yates Cup tickets: maraudertickets.com

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7 Responses to Yates Cup tickets are already on sale

  1. azucar oso says:

    fantastic win! The Gryphon heart of the current team has never made the “law of the jungle” ring more true.
    For next week, they need to get special teams much, much sharper. Special teams has been a weak spot all year and it was disasterous vs. Queens and came very, very close to costing the game. Beginning from the long snap to setting up returns, Billy Brown needs to get a lot done this week with his special team kids.
    Whatever happens next week, I think I can speak for many gryphon football alumni in saying the current team has made many of us very proud this season.

  2. Steve says:

    Why do you feel Yates Cups will sell out? The stadium was barely half full for the Mac Western Game.

  3. Frank says:

    As of Monday morning the game is sold out. Ouch.

  4. BIlee says:

    I was at the Mac/Western Game and it was well more than half full. Only areas sparsely full were at the complete ends of the stands, past the end zones. GREAT GAME MAC!

  5. Samantha says:

    Steve, the game is already sold out.

  6. Gary says:

    As at Nov 5th, 6:30pm, I think tickets are still available through the Gryphon Box office. At least they’re not indicating that it is sold out. Here is the url: http://gryphons.ca/boxoffice/buyticket.php?sect=3&id=19

  7. Bob from Burlington says:

    The energy of the upcoming Yates Cup game should be good. At this time of the year it would be fair to say that Guelph is the most exciting place to attend a game in terms of fan energy and attendance. Western TD Waterhouse is great when it is full but that was half a season ago when this last happened! The Gryphons have provided lots of excitement this year to their fans that’s for sure. If the Guelph D shows up and limits Quinlan and company this could be a dandy game. Jazz Lindsey and Kyle Quinlan for sure the best rushing/improvising QB’s in the OUA. Jazz will need a better first half passing than that seen against Queen’s in the semi-finals at Alumni Stadium.

    For those without tickets to the Yates Cup as of say Thursday/Friday- do not despair. Most OUA stadiums I have attended have people(not huge numbers however) trying to unload tickets- show up near the ticket area or what used to be the ticket area(Will Call location has been changed) and you may be surprised. Don’t wait until 2 minutes before the game unless you enjoy gambling- get there near the end of the stadium closest to the buildings(David Braley sports center) by 1/2 hour or more before the game. I always sell my extra tickets for list price or just below list- none of us who have extras want to turn a profit- just get our money back.

    Good luck Gryphons and their supporters!

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