Saturday morning thoughts & links

If you’ve got time this morning you may want to re-watch the highlights of the last match-up with the boys in yellow. A couple of things stood out to me the other night as I watched this for about the fourth time. What a slick ballhandler Jazz Lindsey is. There are plays in the video I’ve now seen four or five times and I’m still faked out when Jazz executes his ball fakes. Also, I also saw some great hits on RBs and receivers. Particularly one by Cam Walker. No wonder even some veteran Gaels were a little reluctant to catch the ball in the 2nd half of the game.

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Another article from the Whig-Standard – Gaels return man in rare company – focuses on receiver/returner Chris Patrician. Patrician who missed the Oct 13 game in Guelph may be the best punt returner in the OUA. He has scored 3 TDs on returns. If you recall the first game Guelph dominated Queen’s in the return game – 338 return yards vs 63. So they better watch out for this guy today.

A’dre Fraser
Photo: Rob Massey

Gryphon fans will remember that a great Gryphon effort at Queen’s in 2009 went for naught when Gael returner Jimmy Allen scored 3 TDs. He was the differnce maker in 52-49 loss in Kingston. What I’d really like to see is an A’dre Fraser punt return for a TD. Fraser has returned 2 or 3 kicks for TDs this season only to have them nullified by penalties. Fraser has been very close to breaking several others.

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One Response to Saturday morning thoughts & links

  1. birddawg says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! Who are these guys? What a team. I have seen a few exiting combacks in my time, but this is one like I’ve never seen. I was at the game, screaming for the good guys, ringing my bell and honstly, I can’t remember eveything that happened in that last 6 mins. Does Lindsey ever get excited? Man this guy is smooth. Great game boys! Keep on movin, don’t look down.

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