Yates Cup semifinal preview

Dillon Dimitroff running away from Gaels in Oct 20, 2012 Victory

Tomorrow’s game is the biggest for the Guelph football program since the 2007 Yates Cup. A victory would put the Gryphons back in the Yates Cup likely in a rematch with the only team that has beaten them this season, the McMaster Marauders. But first Guelph has to beat the Queen’s Golden Gaels for a second time this season. In spite of the previous victory Queen’s is the favoured team tomorrow.

The only line on the game I have seen is the CISBlog’s point spead: Queen’s at Guelph (+5)
Its very interesting that both of the blog’s commentators pick Queen’s to win but take Guelph plus the 5 points. Clearly they expect a close game. You can listen to Andrew Bucholtz and Rob Pettapiece discuss all of this on their CISBlog podcast where they preview all of this weekend’s CIS playoff games. Their comments on the Guelph-Queen’s match come just after the 20 minute mark IIRC. Bottomline, they expect a very close game.

*     *     *

There are a couple of good articles in the Guelph Mercury – No Surprises expected from Gryphons or Gaels – and the Kingston Whig Standard – Motivation won’t be a problem for Gaels. As the titles suggest coaches aren’t expecting a lot of surprises from teams that just face each other three weeks ago. There certainly are claims from Queen’s sources that the Gaels are highly motivated to look for revenge for their very disheartening recent loss in Guelph.

Health, injuries and potentially missing players are discussed superficially. Word out of Guelph is that the team is healthy, well rested and all starters are expected to play. The Queen’s situation is a little less straight forward. They are not saying much of anything officially. Its my guess that neither star RB Ryan Granberg or DB Andrew Lue will play for Queen’s. And I wouldn’t be shocked if they are missing one of their starting OLs.

The Guelph Mercury talked with Gryphon LB John Rush after Wednesday’s practice and he told them “I’m good, I’m feeling really good right now. With a week’s rest, everyone’s really healthy and everything.” Full story: Gryphs get their Rush back in time for Gaels.  Rush and DB Iain Hutchison were both banged up in the Week 7 game and sat out of the York game. It’s good news for the Gryphons that they are 100% healthy.

*     *     *

Queen’s HC Pat Sheahan talked about the upcoming game at his press conference yesterday. Some highlights: “I don’t think they are going to be too many surprises. Its just going to come down to old fashion desire and execution.” And, “Rumours have it that attendance will be between 5,000 and 9,000.” [For the record the game is not sold out. Tickets will be available at the gate.]

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3 Responses to Yates Cup semifinal preview

  1. birddawg says:

    I grow weary of the press the Gaels get. The truth is that the Gryphons have yet to play their best game! Guelph has the stuff to put Queens away early and this should be a surprize to no one. The underdogs are the Gaels and they will find out why tomorrow. The CIS pointspread? Who are these people…ivy league alumni?

  2. John Q says:

    I totally agree birddawg. QB pressure and a great LB and secondary is the reason Guelph has had so many picks this year. Jazz Lyndsay is maturing with every game and if the offence plays to their potential I think the game should be over in the first half, particularly after seeing Queens implode in the second half during the first game. Our special teams have been fantastic, especially on punt coverage. Go Gryphons!

  3. It’s funny, while Western walked way from their Alumni Stadiam loss with a great deal of respect for the Gryphs, the Gaels and their fans have simply brushed off their Royal City collapse. Maybe it is disrespect. Maybe it’s complacency. Whatever the reason, the Gryphs have a chance to make the Queenies spend the off-season making up excuses for another failed post-Brannagan season.

    Go Gryphs!

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