Final Thoughts on the York game

Players of the Game

Offense – A’dre Fraser
Defense – Mark Durigon
Special Teams – Cam Walker

Freshman receiver Fraser started against the Lions and had his biggest game of the season – five catches for 154 yards and one touchdown. His longest catch was 61 yards and three of the catches were highlight reel worthy, over-the-shoulder, leaping catches. He also returned 3 kickoffs for 57 yards and 3 punt returns for 39 yards. He had 250 all-purpose yards  and that does not include a long kick-off return that was negated by a penalty. A veteran defensive back Durigon returned for a fifth year and has been rock solid in the backfield. Versus York he recorded an assisted tackle, an interception, a pass break-up, a blocked kick and generally shutdown coverage. Walker, a sophomore linebacker, earns his third special teams game honour of the year. He recorded 3 solo tackles and forced a fumble that led to a TD. Walker’s performance this season has already had at least one CFL coach call and inquire about who “this outstanding player was”.

Scout Team Player of the Week – Mikey Carney [freshman QB, St Thomas More/Burnaby BC]

*     *     *

In spite of a 21-point victory my overall impression of York is that this is a team that has significantly improved from where they were a couple of years ago. Their level of talent is rising but it is a young team. They did have several 5th yr starters but the one who will be missed most is Kyle Exume. I didn’t realize until I saw him in photos that he had been playing two ways in the game – RB & DE. The key player going forward is QB Myles Gibbon. He caused the Gryphon D lots of problems with both his passing and running before his injury. The York defense does some unique things with their sting or +1 defense. While our offense tried different things against it they found running directly at it most effective.

This was only my second time attending a game at York Stadium and nothing about the place puzzles me more than why they located the bleachers 35 yards away from the sideline. There is no track. Nothing between the stands and the field but 100+ feet of green grass. It just doesn’t make sense. With almost a thousand fans in the stands it was a better environment for a football game than two years earlier when I doubt there were more than 300. While the York fans weren’t particularly loud I came away with the impression that more people care about the York team than did just a few years ago.

Speaking of atmosphere, the presence of three food trucks with a quite a variety of foods was nice. Judging by the lineups they could have used a fourth truck. I had porchetta sandwich [pork shoulder with some interesting garnishes], something I had never tried before but will have again.

*     *     *

There were some changes in the bottom half of the FRC-CIS Top 10 poll. The Gryphons remain #5 just about where I think they should be.

Pts (1st place) Last week

1. McMaster (8-0) 300 (30) 1
2. Laval (7-1) 266 3
3. Calgary (6-1) 225 2
4. Montreal (7-1) 224 4
5. Guelph (7-1) 169 5
6. Queen’s (6-2) 140 6
7. Regina (5-2) 139 8
8. Western (5-3) 89 7
9. Acadia (6-1) 39 9
10. Manitoba (4-3) 28 10

Other teams receiving votes: Sherbrooke (27), Saskatchewan (4).

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