Ticats meet with UofG officials

After the University ruled out the Hamilton Tiger-Cats playing in Alumni Stadium back in July, I thought that was the end of the issue. Apparently not so. I assume that it was the Ticats who reopened the discussions. The Guelph Mercury broke this news late this afternoon:

The Canadian Football League team has not announced where its games will be played next year. With its home venue, Ivor Wynne Stadium, to be demolished to make way for a new stadium to host the 2015 Pan American Games, the Ticats need somewhere to play next year and Alumni Stadium had been mentioned as a possible venue – among others.

The team reportedly met once more with senior U of G officials days ago. But neither side is speaking or even confirming such discussions took place.

“(The) only thing that I can say at this point is . . . that U of G does not have a comment to make at this time,” stated Charles Cunningham, U of G’s Assistant Vice-President – Communications, in an email Tuesday, when asked what the team is seeking from U of G or exploring through the university.

Find the full story here: Tiger-Cats home venue scramble may yet include Guelph in 2013.

As a Ticat fan who “technically” lives in Hamilton [I’m really a resident of Stoney Creek] I have to agree with Guelph Councillor Cam Guthrie when it comes to a 2013 location. “Everybody I’ve talked to wants it to be Guelph. It’s so much closer. It’s just hitting Highway 6 and then up (to Guelph),” Guthrie said. Ticats fans don’t want to go to Toronto or London.

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5 Responses to Ticats meet with UofG officials

  1. birddawg says:

    It all makes sense now. The Ti Cats paid for the turf, the scoreboard and now the Alumni Stadium Grandstand will grow to accomodate 60,000 fans. Don’t cave U of G, hold out for a domed stadium!

  2. gryphfan says:

    I think U of G would be a good place for some of the Ti Cat games due to location, better parking than UWO and the Gryphon field house is so close to Alumni Stadium. If they could use the field house it would be excellent during training camp and for practices when the weather is bad. I remember reading somewhere that there was some money available from the PanAm budget to assist the the Cats to play in 2013. Could you fit 15,000 to 20,000 in Alumni Stadium? Most I’ve seen was around 9,000 and change but could put some on the north endzone area and a limited number on the south endzone area.

  3. Dan Yarmey says:

    When Guelph beat Calgary (prior to winning the Vanier cup) in 1984, there were over 12000 at Alumni stadium

  4. birddawg says:

    I was at that game, but somehow I don’t see fans sitting on the hill for a CFL game. I do hope they figure it out, as it would be great having the Guelph Ti Cats playing there!

  5. Birddawg’s right, the lack of hill-side bleachers is a powerful inhibitor. Whether the Hammer’s fans like it or not, after Mac said go bleep yourself, TD Waterhouse is the next best option for the Ti-Cats. I’m not sure what attendance will be like in London though. After all, the Forest City already is treated to the best football program in the country; the Cats might be too much of a step down.

    PS. Go Stangs Go!

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