Media links – Sunday Oct 21

Head coach Stu Lang was a guest on the Fan 590 Radio this morning. He spoke with David Grossman who asked him about Guelph’s success, his Grey Cup rings and Dillon Dimitroff, among other things.

The link:

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On Friday a new video was added to the collection on the GryphonFootball1 youtube channel. This one is another in the series of game highlights that have been produced in recent weeks. This is my favourite so far.

Another video I suggest you check out is Guelph Gryphons O-Line Football Academy Highlights. It can be found on GryphonFootball1 and I believe illustrates the point I’ve been making – i.e. that our O-line is in good hands with OL coach Mike MacDonald.

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2 Responses to Media links – Sunday Oct 21

  1. Matt says:

    Unbelievably excited about the semi-final game!

  2. I love the field level views. That vantage point does a great job of capturing the excitement; an element of the game that doesn’t always translate on TV or a webcast. Similarly, that excitement has the potential to encourage the non-engaged to venture out and be a part of the scene. This type of media matters. Looks like the new regime at Guelph got this part of the equation right as well. The semi will be a blast.

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