Final links for the Queen’s game

One source that I haven’t referred to often enough this season is the University of Guelph’s Independent Student Newspaper – The Ontarion. That is a mistake on my part. The paper’s Sports Editor Chris Muller seems to understand the intangible part of why this team is winning.

He opens with

Sometimes in the world of sport, the unexpected happens.

Often it’s a lucky bounce that determines the outcome of a game. But to attribute the Gryphon’s 33-28 victory to luck would be foolish and rob the team’s display of perseverance in the face of conflict.

Down 28-3 with 6:27 left to play in the second quarter, the Gryphons, like they’ve done all season, shocked the OUA. The Gryphons did not allow Queen’s to score for the remainder of the game, and effectively cemented themselves as the league’s most exciting team.

And concludes by writing

It takes a resilient bunch to look at a scoreboard tilting heavily in the opposition’s favour, and continue to press on. If the last few games of the season are any indication, Guelph’s resiliency, and not their luck, will drive them deep into the OUA playoffs and their pursuit of the elusive Yates Cup.

In between he provides some quotes from Coach Lang and captains Mike Millar and Jazz Lindsey that I didn’t see anywhere else. The full story: Gryphons dominate second half upset Queen’s in dramatic fashion.

*     *     *

Queen’s head coach Pat Sheahan’s Oct 18 press conference. He spends the first half of his time talking about this past week’s game. He refers to the Guelph several more times during his discussion of their upcoming game versus UofT.

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