Thoughts on the win over Queen’s

Guelph 33 Queen’s 28

Some people used adjectives like “huge”, ” big” & “great” to describe the win today over the Golden Gaels. They all work. I mean it was a regular season game but it was one of almost unprecedented significance. I don’t know the last time the Gryphons clinched a first round bye or finished in the top two teams in the OUA. [It was 1996 when Guelph was 6-2 & last won the Yates Cup.] Some of Guelph’s most successful seasons have involved big playoff runs after moderately successful regular seasons. If the 2012 Gryphons were to finish 7-1 they would be setting a new precedent.

This win showed a ton of character. To hand Queen’s 21 points on a silver platter and find yourselves trailing 28-3, then respond in a totally positive and workman-like manner is, to use an over-worked word, huge. Lots of teams would have folded. It reminded me of the way Guelph fought back from a big 2nd Q deficit in the 2009 Labour Day game at Queen’s but this time we came out on top.

In my opinion Queen’s most impressive scoring drive was their first. After that their three TDs came rather easily to them – a one-play 75-yd drive, a fumble recovery at the goalline and a trick play from punt formation. The pre-game comments of Queen’s coach Pat Sheahan helped me to appreciate a little better how our defense works. Based on what he said I’ve got little concern about Queen’s winning the statistical battle. We shutdown their running game and forced them to throw. While they may have racked up yards in the 2nd half they never really threatened to score again. The defense selectively pressured the QB and forced 4 interceptions. Late in the game we were able to generate pressure rushing only 3 or 4 men.

Jordan Thompson sacks Queen’s QB in the 4th Q   Photo Credit: Kim Zabawa

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7 Responses to Thoughts on the win over Queen’s

  1. birddawg says:

    I thought the spirit had been ripped out of the Grypnons toward the end of the first quarter, when, right after the Guelph field goal making it 7-3, the Gaels (get a name from this century please) conected for a TD one play later. Shows you what I know about how tough this team is!
    Peter, there are varying reports about who is in the playoff hunt in the OUA, all top 6 teams are now in right?

  2. I think it is safe to assume that in addition to McMaster, Guelph and Queen’s, that Western and Windsor are in. I thought the 6th spot was still up for grabs. It will be a 3-5 team [Laurier, Ottawa, York are possibilities] but Laurier may hold the tie breakers. If that is the case then you are right. All six teams are determined with a week still left in the season.

  3. Gryphonfootball1 says:

    If Blues beat Gaels and Marauders beat Hawks, since Blues beat Hawks head to head, doesn’t that give Blues last playoff brith?

  4. Gryphonfootball1 says:

    Right. Ottawa is pumped. Odds aside, if they take Western, a quarterfinal against Gaels will be a long shot game to watch.

  5. John Mac says:

    enjoy fellas – but don’t be too smug, the Gaels will be back to see you…..

    • birddawg says:

      And we look forward to seeing them again! By the way John, remind the Gaels not to have the defense leave halfway through the game.

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