Game day thoughts & links

What will be the difference in the game today? The Queen’s D, Granberg vs Farquharson or maybe special teams? I’m thinking it will be quarterback play. If one team has a big edge in the play from their QB that could be the difference in the game. Having said that, I really hope that we finally see A’dre Fraser score on a punt or kick return. He has already had 2 or 3 TD returns called back. And he had a 75-yd KO return cut in half by another penalty. Also, the Gryphons need to continue winning the turnover battle. We are +11 since turning the ball over 5 times against UofT. We can’t win a close game against Queen’s if we turn the ball over. Finally, a game with fewer than 100 yards in penalties would be nice.

More than a few people have said this game ought to be the one televised on The Score this week. That would be nice but I don’t think many people imagined before the season that this game would be more important than the Windsor-McMaster contest. The game will be streamed live on at 1 pm.

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Queen’s Head Coach Pat Sheahan talks about the game against the Gryphons in his weekly press conference video. First, he reviews the victory over Windsor. You will find his Guelph comments beginning at the 10:15 mark. His comments transition from discussion of Windsor QB Austin Kennedy to Gryphon QB Jazz Lindsay. Interesting that Sheahan doesn’t refer to Jazz by name but rather as “this kid” or “this guy”.

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The Queen’s-Guelph game gets three more mentions in the Kingston Whig-Standard this morning. First off, is a story that talks about coaches Lang & Tracey – Coaches face alma maters. Guelph HC Stu Lang is a Queen’s grad while Queen’s DC Pat Tracey is a Guelph alumnus. That story is followed by a little peice on Julian Tropea, last week’s OUA & CIS Special Team’s Player of the Week. If you follow the column down far enough you will find these comments:

Preseason publications were touting Guelph and Queen’s as the two Ontario universities who had the most success with this year’s class of incoming recruits and when you improve the quality of your athletes, it doesn’t take long for your program to show improvement, Pat Tracey believes.

“If you get better players, the practices become better, they’re more competitive, everything just becomes better,” Tracey said.

That starts to become apparent even before those players are ready to play themselves.

“They’re pushing the other guys and the coaches have to up their game,” Tracey said, “because if the kids have done the provincial team, the national team, they’re asking questions, ‘What if?’ ‘Should we do this?’ and you become a better coach.

“Everything becomes easier, faster, and right now (Guelph is) playing that way. They’re doing a lot of things well. They’re efficient and they’re playing with a lot of confidence.”

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2 Responses to Game day thoughts & links

  1. Dave says:

    I’d rather see the interview with Sheahan post Guelph. What is it about him that bugs me?

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