Final thoughts on the Laurier game

Players of the Game

Offense – tie – Michael Fortino & Rob Farquarson
Defense – Jeff Finley
Special Teams – Cam Walker

# 91 Jeff Finley

Fortino caught 3 passes for 96 yards & had a carry for 5 yards. His biggest play, a 58 yard touchdown reception got the Gryphons back in the game immediately after Laurier had scored to go 10-1. As the H-back he has a significant blocking role that almost always calls for him to take on players bigger than himself. Farquharson has another standout game with 22 carries for 178 yards, average of  8.1 ypc. He is second in the CIS in total rushing yards and average rushing yards per game. Finley who only started one game in 2011 has started all 5 games this year. He had 2 solo tackles and an assist. His strong play up front has helped keep our linebackers free to make tackles. Cam Walker repeats for  Specials. He was almost always the first guy down field and he “just killed guys” in his efforts to get at the Laurier P/K returners. He recorded 2 solo tackles and 3 assists.

Scout Team Player of the Week – tie – Dave Rossetti & Kellen Walsh

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Video highlights from Hawk TV:

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One thing the Laurier victory did was make it impossible for voters in the Football Writers of Canada poll to ignore the Gryphons. The impact of the loss for Laurier could be even more severe than dropping in the rankings. [See below]


Pts (1st place) Last week

1. McMaster (5-0) 299 (29) 1
2. Calgary (5-0) 270 (1) 2
3. Montreal (5-0) 236 3
4. Laval (5-0) 220 4
5. Queen’s (4-1) 175 5
6. Regina (4-1) 157 7
7. Western (3-2) 115 6
8. Manitoba (3-2) 87 8
9. Guelph (4-1) 50 NR
10. Acadia (3-1) 41 NR

Other teams receiving votes: Sherbrooke (10), Windsor (5), Saskatchewan (3).

*     *     *

From the KW Record story – Hawks shot down:

The now 2-3 Hawks drop into a two-way tie with Toronto for sixth in the 10-team conference. The league’s top six advance to playoffs.

Toronto owns the tiebreak with Laurier based on the Blues’ 19-0 win over the Hawks on opening night.

With what would appear to be only one winnable game remaining for the Hawks. They won’t likely make the playoffs if the Varsity Blues manage one win in their final three games. Toronto’s schedule includes 0-5 Ottawa and 1-4 York.

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