Guelph scrapes by again

I enjoyed this game. It wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for but it was a nice win none the less. Any time you can end a nine-game regular-season losing streak against a rival and spoil that rival’s Homecoming [WLU had won 7 of their last 8 HC games] it’s a good day. If anything this Laurier squad may be a better team than they were given credit for prior to today. It’s also ironic that the much criticized Hawk offense was better than I expected while their touted defense didn’t live up to its billing. They certainly weren’t prepared to handle the Gryphon rushing game. Rob Farquharson had a dynamite first half – 15 carries for 136 yards is what I believe I heard announced in the stadium. He finished with 178 yards on 22 carries.

I really wish the Gryphons had capitalized for another TD in the 2nd Q instead of having to settle for a rouge on a missed FG attempt. We had the ball on the WLU 2 before two penalties set us back. Finish that drive off properly and the Gryphons would have led 25-10 at the half. The Golden Hawks switched to a 50-front in the 3rd quarter to stop their D from hemmorhaging rushing yards. They did take away the inside zone run that had gouged them before the half. So while Farquharson’s avg rush dropped from 9.1 to 6.0 ypc it did open up some room for Jazz to run.

In the 4th Q the Gryphon D exerted its superiority and held the Golden Hawks to just 36 yards of offense even if they did tie it 19-19. [They started that drive with the ball on our 38.] With the game on the line Guelph marched the ball from their own 52 down to the Laurier 1. This time a penalty pushed us back to the 6 but it didn’t matter – we were going to win regardless. Though I have to admit I would have much rather won with a TD than a FG just because it would have been more emphatic.

The points that matter are the figurative “two points in the win column”. At 4-1 the Gryphons are solid candidates for a home playoff game. You’ve got to like that considering how this season started. These standings don’t look too bad IMHO.

OUA Standings

P W L SW SL PTS Win % Last 10 Streak
McMaster 5 5 0 229 93 10 1.000 5-0 Won 5
Guelph 5 4 1 137 124 8 0.800 4-1 Won 4
Queen’s 5 4 1 160 98 8 0.800 4-1 Won 1
Western 5 3 2 200 91 6 0.600 3-2 Lost 1
Windsor 4 2 2 150 96 4 0.500 2-2 Lost 1
Laurier 5 2 3 94 130 4 0.400 2-3 Lost 1
Toronto 5 2 3 99 174 4 0.400 2-3 Won 1
York 4 1 3 102 131 2 0.250 1-3 Lost 2
Waterloo 5 1 4 97 231 2 0.200 1-4 Lost 1
Ottawa 5 0 5 122 222 0 0.000 0-5 Lost 5

Note: Windsor and York play at 7 pm tonight

The Laurier Sports Info people have released this game story – Last-second field goal sinks Hawks

As per usual, the complete box score & game stats can be found on the CIS website.

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