Thoughts on the UofT game

QB Jazz Lindsey versus UofT on Homecoming

A win is a win. I will take this win even though it wasn’t an all-round great effort for the Gryphons. It is better to win ugly than lose in a fabulously exciting offensive shoot-out like we saw in recent Homecoming match-ups with the Western Mustangs. You have to give Toronto credit. They have played us very tough the last three games. But there was no way this game would have been as close as 31-29 without a lot of Gryphon miscues. Though I really can’t blame any Gryphon players or coaches for some of the penalties called on us.

The Negatives:

  • Losing the turnover battle – Guelph – 6 fumbles/ 5 lost; UofT 1/1. Our fumbles set-up two UofT touchdowns and cost us a TD losing the ball at the 1-yd line. There were also a couple of mishandled punts/kicks that didn’t lead to turnovers but did hurt field position.
  • Penalties – Guelph – 11 penalties for 198 yards; UofT – 18 penalties for 153 yards. Ten UofT first downs came off our penalties that is almost 40% of the their 26 first downs. We should have held that offense to fewer than 20 first downs.
  • Giving up 112 yards of offense and 2 TDs to the Blues in the final 3-1/2 minutes. No excuse for allowing UofT to score 29 points. They only had 196 yards of net offense thru the first 56-1/2 minutes of the game.
  • It was disappointing to fail to convert on a 2nd and 1 opportunity with just 2 minutes left in the game. This offense has shown that it can run the ball. It needed to step up and get it done in an effort to seal the victory.

The Positives:

  • A great passing performance from Jazz Lindsey – 24 of 28 for 264 yards and 2 touchdowns with zero interceptions; that is an 86% completion rate. Impressive! Clearly his best game so far in 2012. Jazz was TheScore’s Player of the game.

    Carl Trivieri makes an incredible catch at the 3-yd line vs UofT. His catch made the TSN honour roll.

  • Great passing performances require some big plays from receivers. Three Gryphon receivers made highlight reel quality plays. Alex Charette made a great diving grab  deep in the end zone for a TD. An amazing catch by Carl Trivieri – he laid out backwards, hit the ground hard and did a somersault – at the 3 yd line set up a TD. Dillon Dimitroff made a more routine catch but broke tackle after tackle as he battled his way into the end zone.
  • The defense came up with another goalline stand. Toronto had the ball 1st-and-goal at the five but couldn’t punch it in on three attempts. Cam Thorn, Jake Reinhart and John Rush all made tackles.
  • With the only veteran starters in the defensive backfield – Mark Durigon and Bryan Dunjko – not dressed, the DB corps did a very creditable job limiting UofT to 160-yds passing. There were 3 highly questionable calls for pass interference that I wouldn’t blame any of our players for. Mac Myers made a particularly clean pass break-up that he was flagged for.
  • Some of the credit for the limited passing yardage given up has to go to the defensive front seven. They got frequent pressure on UofT QB’s coming up with 5 sacks. John Rush, Cam Thorn, Jeff Finley, Mike Millar and Donnie Egerter all had a share in them.

*     *     *

From the Guelph Mercury:

“It’s as if we were trying to give them the win,” Gryphon head coach Stu Lang said. “If you sat down and said ‘OK, let’s miss a convert.’ We did that. ‘Let’s kickoff out of bounds and give them the start on the 40.’ OK. Everything we could do to help them win, we did.”

“They came back a bit and it was too close,” defensive tackle Cam Thorn said. “We should’ve beaten them by a lot more.”

“As I told the guys in the dressing room, OK, it’s a win, that’s good and I know you want to celebrate because it’s Homecoming, but don’t celebrate too much because there’s a lesson there,” Lang said. “Let’s not forget that lesson.”

Full story here: Gryphons hang on to edge Varsity Blues.

The report from Gryphons trump the Toronto Varsity Blues 31-29 on Homecoming weekend

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