Final thoughts on the Waterloo game

Players of the Game

Offense – Rob Farqharson
Defense – Jake Reinhart
Special Teams – Jake Reinhart

Rob Farqharson scores his 2nd TD vs Waterloo
Photo: Rashad Bhamjee

Farqharson wins the Offensive award for the second week in a row. Last week I said he had a career day. Then he went out and topped it with 18 carries for 160 yards(8.9 yd avg), two receptions for 26 yards and 2 TDs. No misprint – Reinhart did double-dip, winning both the Defensive and Special Teams awards. He led all tacklers with 8 solo tackles (3 on specials) and 3 assisted tackles, 1.5 sacks, 1.5 tackles for a loss, a forced fumble and a blocked punt.

Scout Team Player of the week – Zachary Bader-Shamai

*     *     *

Jake Reinhart      Photo:

In the lead-up to the home opener Rob Massey of the Merc talked to veteran linebacker and team captain Jake Reinhart. Now in his fifth year, this is Reinhart’s final season as a Gryphon gridiron performer.

“With all the improvements going on in the stadium, it’s a shame that it is (my last home opener),” he said after Wednesday’s practice at Varsity Field. “I wish it could have happened four years earlier.”

Reinhart paid his dues before getting his first chance to be a starter last season. After backing up Adam Dunk at middle linebacker for three years, he started at that position last year and responded by being the leading tackler in the OUA. In all, he was involved in 77 tackles (48 solo).

“You wish you had his motivation, his enthusiasm in every player,” Gryphon head coach Stu Lang said. “There was a classic situation during training camp. He got hurt. I was right there and he sort of struggled off and fell. He looked, honestly, like he’d broken his leg, but the next day he’s up running. The guy is so resilient and he’s so tough.”

Full story here: Gryphon leader begins run to the end.  Also, some excellent photos from the Waterloo game.

*     *     *

It is a good thing I’m not too worried about where Guelph is ranked in the FRC – CIS FOOTBALL TOP 10 poll. Our preseason opponents, the Saskatchewan Huskies, have moved back up in the poll. Even the Windsor Lancers who we whipped 28-9 just 10 days ago received more votes (barely). Guelph outplayed both those teams on their home fields and it seems not to matter to the voters. While quality road wins may not have mattered it does sound like some voters lost respect for the Gryphons because we didn’t bury the winless Warriors until the 2nd half.

Perhaps it is a good thing that unlike the NCAA, polls don’t really mean anything in CIS football. The Gryphons do get to face two more top ten teams – Western & Queen’s – in October, both on our home field this time. Ultimately, those games will be more important for the impact they have on our playoff seeding than any effects on rankings.

Week 4 – Pts (1st place) Last week

1. McMaster (3-0) 299 (29) 1
2. Calgary (3-0) 267 (1) 2
3. Montreal (3-0) 231 4
4. Laval (3-0) 220 3
5. Queen’s (3-0) 184 6
6. Western (2-1) 141 5
7. Saskatchewan (2-1) 89 * 9
8. Manitoba (2-1) 89 7
9. Regina (2-1) 70 10
10. Sherbrooke (2-1) 35 NR

* Saskatchewan edges Manitoba for seventh place based on number of higher-placed votes.

Other teams receiving votes: Acadia (19), Windsor (6), Guelph (5), Concordia (1), UBC (1)

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4 Responses to Final thoughts on the Waterloo game

  1. Mark Lancer says:

    You are right…in the CIS the polls are for us fans. Thats about it.

  2. Dave says:

    I don’t think there’s any question that if Guelph beat Western and/or Queen’s they’ll get a LOT more top ten votes.

    Regardless, nice read on opening the grass hill for homecoming. As you know I was at the Guelph homecoming game last year and I have to say it was a great event.

  3. Bob from Burlington says:

    Agree that the two test games coming up for Guelph will be 2 home games- Thanksgiving weekend(Oct 6th) at home against Western followed by Oct 13th at home against Queen’s.

    The last home game played against Gaels was in 2010 when Queen’s still had Justin Chapdelaine at QB(now an excellent receiver). It essentially was a debut/breakout game for Billy McPhee of nearby Burlington as he replaced Chapdelaine at QB and only a dropped pass by Devan Sheahan on the second last play of the game prevented a Queen’s win. Nick Fitzgibbons for Guelph rushed for a shade under 200 yards and Gryphons won that game 21-15. Queen’s had just come off their 2009 Vanier Cup win and their D and O lines were tested with lots of running yards and sacks overall by Guelph. I was regrettably part of the halftime show at that 2010 game as my FG attempt from 45 yards in the $500 contest game only would have been a 25 or 30 yarder and some of the students watching this nonsense were more than gracious to high five an aging 53 year old as he left the field with his head down. A 10 yard runup(5 was allowed) and a 20 mph breeze at my back might have helped just a bit-thankfully wife not in attendance to laugh!

    Queen’s is a more polished team presently in 2012 than in 2010 although they had some 2009 returnees and should have beat Western by more(my analysis at Sept 15- comments) this past weekend. They are not the 2009 team they once were but looking more like the 2007/2008 team that easily handled others in the OUA. Western essentially played below average and Queen’s left points on the field rather than on the board this past weekend.

    Enjoy the exposure with the Score covering your upcoming game against University of Toronto this coming weekend. Personally, the better game would be down the road in Hamilton at the Ron Joyce – but hey- there are other teams playing besides Mac, Queen’s and Western,

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