Big win on new field

The new turf field looked fabulous. The video scoreboard was fully functional and very impressive. But it wasn’t a great first half for the home team. The Gryphons did plenty to hinder themselves, particularly with too many penalties. Three Gryphon touchdowns (not all in the 1st half) were called back on penalties. Gryphon mistakes let the Warriors hang around too long in this game. Mind you, this was a more competitive Waterloo team than I expected. I understand now how they scored 31 points against two top OUA teams in their first two games.

If there was a momentum changing moment in the game it was late in the first half. In the final minute Waterloo drove the ball down to the Guelph 1-yd line. The Gryphon D stopped them 3 times from the one. That was the second goalline stand in three games as the Gryph D also stuffed Kyle Quinlan and his Marauders on three consecutive plays inside the five in the season opener. Unfortunately in that game by that time of the third Q the result was decided. Anyways, the Guelph O took over the ball on their own one with 36 seconds left in the half and drove 75 yards in five plays. Three of them were big rushes for first downs. The Gryphons kept that momentum rolling through the second half. Final score 47-17.

Once the Guelph Gryphons got rolling on their new turf, there was little the Waterloo Warriors could do to stop them, was the way the Mercury’s Rob Massey described it. His game story – Football Gryphs get on a roll on new field – is already up at

The Department of Athletics has a game story and photo gallery at Gryphons shut down the Warriors 47-17 on opening day. And, as always, full game stats, box score and scoring summary can be found on the CIS website.

If there is one thing that many people would find unusual with the stats it is the strong rushing numbers. I know Waterloo is a rebuilding squad but in previous games the lopsided scores came with huge passing numbers. Today Guelph rushed for 337 yards. Rob Farquarson led all Gryphons with 160 yards. Jazz had 60, Rutledge 29 and Davidson 21 (on just one carry). True freshman Ryan Nieuwesteeg playing in his first OUA game picked up 23 yards on four carries. Three receivers gained 44 yards on five total carries. Perhaps the nicest run by a receiver was an A’dre Fraser rush to the endzone that was called back.

For the second week in a row two true freshman started on the O-line – Kyle Fraser at LT and Jamie Lalonde at RG. On the final scoring drive of the game – 7 plays for 62 yards, mostly rushing – four freshmen were doing the blocking up front, including Cam Wilhelm and Steve Mburanumwe. Guelph allowed no sacks in the game.

Taylor Palmer pick for 6 versus Waterloo
Photo: Kim Zabawa

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One Response to Big win on new field

  1. gryphfan says:

    Agree with your observations Peter. Goalline stand was impressive. Jazz didn’t seem sharp today on some of his long passes, his scrambling & improvisation are assets in the Canadian game. Jazz executed the draw play almost flawlessly throughout the game. John Rush really impressed me. Both lines dominated Waterloo. The field and scoreboard definitely improve the stadium, I hope for future games they can show replays. Will lights be installed for the potential of night games?

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