Ticket sales update

I have had some feedback from several Gryphon supporters frustrated with attempts to purchase tickets on-line today. A source in the Athletic Department has just confirmed for me that the info in yesterday’s press release was incorrect. Also, I was mistaken in my assumption that the Homecoming tickets for adults are $15. They are, in fact, $18. I have no problem with the higher price as I have always believed that tickets for Guelph, and most OUA football programs, are underpriced.

Here is what I have been told:

Adult tickets are $18 and will be sold online starting on Sept 13th on gryphons.ca.

All student tickets are $10 and will only be sold in the Field House @ 11am Thursday morning. There’s a limit of 4 tickets per student with valid student ID, and it is CASH ONLY. There are roughly 1700 student tickets being sold, so first come first serve.

The only tickets that you can currently purchase are season tickets. The four game season ticket package is $40. Here is the link: 2012 season tix.

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One Response to Ticket sales update

  1. Carl Wilhelm says:

    Thanks for getting all that great info. I think your so right $18 is great. Thanks for doing a great job Peter

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