Final thoughts on the Windsor game

Daniel Ferraro

Players of the Game

OFFENSE – Rob Farquharson
DEFENSE – John Rush
SPECIAL TEAMS – Daniel Ferraro 

Farquharson had a career day with 26 rushing attempts for 142 yards, 3 catches for 14 yards & one touchdown. He was a key player in the game clinching 109 yard 4th Q drive. Ferraro scored 14 points on four field goals and two converts. His longest field goal was 38 yards. He punted 8 times for an average of 37 yards and put 3 punts inside the 20 yard line. I detailed Rush’s stats and honours in a post yesterday morning.

Scout Team Player of the Week: Jacob Harpell

*     *     *

I got a little ahead of myself when I speculated Tuesday that “I expect we will see the Gryphons join the CIS Top 10 when this week’s version comes out”. That in fact didn’t happen and I’ve got no problem with that. All three of our opponents had been consensus Top 10 teams and we played them all on the road. But there were several other deserving teams ahead of the Gryphons. If Guelph takes care of business in the next few weeks we will surely be ranked soon enough. What week we entered the Top 10 won’t matter at the end of the season.

Here are the links for the CIS Top 10 Week 2 and the picks and comments of the CIS Blog’s writers. McMaster remains #1. Our preseason opponent, Saskatchewan, remains in the poll at #9. Windsor ranked #7 before their loss to the Gryphons on Saturday night dropped out of the rankings. Guelph finished 12th in the voting.

*     *     *

From my Sunday post:

But the physical play wasn’t limited to our linemen. Check out The Score’s game highlights and you’ll see sophomore FB Dan MacDonald flatten a Lancer LB. Dillon Dimitroff knows he needs to protect the man who gets him the ball and he laid a similiar devastating block on a DB who thought he was going to get a lick in on Jazz Lindsey. Combine that hit with the knock-out blow he put on USask’s Bryce McCall and OUA DBs will have to have their heads on a swivel when Jazz scrambles.

What do you think an NFL receivers coach would say if he saw the video of Dimitroff’s hit on McCall? No need to speculate.

Atlanta Falcons’ Receivers Coach Terry Robiskie wrote,

If that is him hitting that number 27, HOLY ####, man oh man that kid got clocked. Tell him I said he must have …. Gonna show that to my receivers. Whoa … what a clock job. Little boy made me proud. I feel like a proud papa.

*     *     *

Several people were critical of my comment that the McMaster loss could end up being “a blessing in disguise”. While Guelph was coming off a “low”, the Lancers were certainly on a “high” after their 63-18 blowout of Ottawa. You can see the difference in attitude if you go back and read the preview articles in the Guelph Mercury [Gryphons look for redemption] and the Windsor Star [Lancers QB Kennedy says team’s offense has more to give]. This illustrates to me that the Gryphon coaches and player leaders have used that terrible loss to focus and motivate the team. I hope it continues to have positive impacts on this team’s performance through the balance of the season. If you are going to suffer such an embarrassing loss to an outstanding team is there a better time than the first game of the year? I think the loss in Ottawa at the end of the 2009 season had a much more detrimental effect on the team.

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One Response to Final thoughts on the Windsor game

  1. Mark Lancer says:

    Perhaps, but then this loss to Guelph could help the Lancers in a possible re-match. There are still 6 games to go before we see the final standings. Guelph is certainly in the drivers seat for a home playoff game. Yet, many variables can change the final order. I like it!

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