Stadium news – Sept 11/12

The news I’m hearing from various sources on the stadium front is overwhelmingly positive. The new turf is indeed finished and ready for Saturday’s home opener against Waterloo. For whatever reason, I don’t believe that the field has been available for the team to practice on yet. That could have something to do with the work on the track surface which has recently begun. The new scoreboard is expected to be ready, at least in part. It is still not certain whether the video screen will be operational this weekend or if its debut will have to wait for the Homecoming game.

Alumni Stadium field and scoreboard as it appeared this morning

The sod on the hill looks great. Apparently it began taking root late last week. But even though it may be “usable” this weekend, the University will take a cautious approach and let it root for at least another week. Tickets sales will be limited to the seating capacity on the stadium side of the field. I’ve got my fingers crossed and am hoping that continued good weather may allow it to be ready for the Homecoming Game on September 22. Strictly from a financial viewpoint, if the weather is good it would be hard not to allow thousands to sit there. Think about it, an extra 4,000 tickets sold at the student rate of $10 is worth $40,000 in revenue for the Department of Athletics. They could pay to have some damaged sod replaced and still come out way ahead.

*     *     *

Speaking of ticket sales, the Department of Athletics had this to say today:

Homecoming tickets (September 22 vs. Toronto) will be on sale for students on Wednesday, September 13 at 11:00 a.m. at the Gryphon Field House (limit 4 per person, cash only).  Adult tickets for homecoming will be on sale online at on Wednesday, September 13th at 11:00 a.m.

If you haven’t bought your Homecoming tickets [Adult price $15] yet, you will want to get them tomorrow morning at the Gryphon Box Office. Or save yourself from possible disappointment and buy season tickets [$40 for 4 games] on-line tonight at this link.

*     *     *

In a nice promotional effort/press release – Upstart Gryphons host Warriors this Saturday in Home Opener – highlighting this weekend’s game against Waterloo you will find a promotional video, a preview of Waterloo game and this good news for Gryphon fans who can’t attend on Saturday:

The game will be streamed LIVE via SSN Canada and live stats will be available starting at 1 p.m.

Check out this great splash ad for the upcoming games on

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2 Responses to Stadium news – Sept 11/12

  1. Bob from Burlington says:

    Great win by Gryphons against Windsor Lancers. Peter- I think you were the only person not a Guelph coach that had a game plan and was optimistic about a win. I was busy slagging Gryphons on the cisblog site praying they would not be blown out. Mea culpa!

    Look forward to seeing Western tangle with Gryphons on Thanksgiving weekend. Suspect both teams brought down to earth by then-Mac plays very well against Mustangs at TD Waterhouse so I suspect my Mustangs will be angry. Still recall the 2007 Yates Cup in Guelph that I attended. I still smart from the 1984 Yates at UWO at JW Little stadium. Besides papering the town of London the night before(withTP- you guessed it right) the game, Guelph students tortured us homers by tearing the goalposts down right after the game and Western’s Blake Marshall fumble on the one yard line(with seconds remaining- Western coaches passed on calling a timeout- first or second year it was in the OUA) and marched parts of the post through UWO campus and on home.

    I suspect one of your readers who is now alumni, knows where parts of that goal post ended up eventually back in 1984.

    • Great story Bob. I know that 1984 feeling and the incredible disappointment as I was in my final year at McMaster back then. It was a stunner for Bernie Custis’ 7-0 Marauders to be eliminated by the 4-3 Gryphons. But I did make the trip to the old Varsity Stadium to cheer for the Gryphons in the College Bowl.

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