Windsor game review

Pregame coin toss in Windsor
Photo: Dan Millar via Blackberry

I have been patting myself on the back today for really nailing it in the Windsor game preview I posted Friday. Obviously the players and coaches are the ones who deserve all the accolades as they accomplished all three “keys to winning” I outlined:
1) Keep Kennedy from going off for a huge night;
2) Offense needs to generate some sustained drives and convert on opportunities;
3) Guelph needs to play physically like they did in Saskatoon and win the battles up front. Let me quote George W Bush: Mission Accomplished!

I don’t think it is over the top to say that this is a HUGE win. Windsor was ranked #7 in the CIS. The Lancers were a consensus top 4 team in the OUA. It was on the road. This win will give us an edge as we battle with the Lancers, and others, for a home playoff game. And it made a statement about the character of this team after the ugly loss on Labour Day.

For the second time in less than a week our D held a highly ranked QB well below his average output – Austin Kennedy – 244 yards on 23 for 45 passing & 0 TDs. [Kyle Quinlan – 248 yards]. The Gryphon defense also sacked Kennedy 4 times and had him on the run several other times.

The offense had a solid, but not spectacular, game. They certainly did a good job of sustaining drives which kept our D fresh and wore down the Lancer D. A perfect example of “solid but not spectaular” was the 109 yard drive early in the 4th Q that burned 6:20 off the clock and culminated in a 1-yd Rob Farquarson TD. Finishing a game that strongly and physically has been a problem for the Gryphons for years.

The Gryphons were clearly the more physical team on the field. Our O-line and D-line won the battles at the line of scrimmage. Two true freshmen OLs – Kyle Fraser at LT & Cam Wilhelm at RT – started last night as vet Matt Richardson was not available. The o-line generated lots of push upfront and it increased as the game wore on. On a couple of short yardage situations they pushed the entire Windsor front 7 back 3 yards. The d-line frequently blew up the Lancer o-line.

But the physical play wasn’t limited to our linemen. Check out The Score’s game highlights and you’ll see sophomore FB Dan MacDonald flatten a Lancer LB. Dillon Dimitroff knows he needs to protect the man who gets him the ball and he laid a similiar devastating block on a DB who thought he was going to get a lick in on Jazz Lindsey. Combine that hit with the knock-out blow he put on USask’s Bryce McCall and OUA DBs will have to have their heads on a swivel when Jazz scrambles.

Expect a couple more posts with media links and thoughts on the games in the next couple of days. [ has this game story – Gryphons upset CIS No. 7 Lancers.] As always, you can find the complete game stats and scoring summary on the CIS website. A couple of statistical things I would highlight:

  • 450 yards total offense for Guelph vs 345 for Windsor; 26 first downs vs 25 for UofW, but the 25 includes 7 courtesy of the referees. [I really thought after the 1st Q there was no way this post was not going to include a rant about the refereeing.]
  • Rob Farquarson had what I assume was the most productive game of his career – 142 yards on 26 carries, 3 receptions for 14, 1 TD.
  • Jazz Lindsey was “solid but not spectacular” passing for 217 yards on 17 for 26 and rushing for 63 on 10 carries. Jazz made very few mistakes and will benefit down the road from the team’s rushing effort as future opponents won’t be able to ignore our running game. Jazz distributed the ball to 9 different receivers.
  • John Rush led all Gryphon tacklers, though 18 different defenders recorded tackles. Jaryd Baines, Mike Millar and Kalven Seilis each recorded a sack. Seilis scooped up a fumble.
  • Our young defensive backfield had another pretty good game. No INTs but also no big plays given up. It seemed to me that 9 or 10 different DBs got into the game.
  • A very good night for the special teams, much better returns and coverage than versus Mac. Daniel Ferraro had a good night punting and was perfect on 4 FG attempts. A’dre Fraser had a 43-yd punt return.

No. I can’t read the score either but believe me it was 28-9 with 0:00 left in the game

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One Response to Windsor game review

  1. Love it! Never apologise for passion or the commitment to put yourself out there. That goes for the Gryphs’ players, coaches, and Pete. I’m gonna quote Heath Ledger’s Joker, “You’ve changed things.” Whether people like it or not, these are not your father’s or big brother’s Gryphons. Attitude and intent, I love it!

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