Thoughts on the McMaster game

While keeping in mind that “stats are for losers” and that there is no way of avoiding the obvious fact that yesterday’s loss was an embarassment, the stats aren’t actually as bad as I would have expected. At least the defensive stats. Most team’s would be more than pleased to hold Kyle Quinlan to only 248 passing yards (though he only played three quarters). And holding all Mac rushers (other than QB Quinlan) to just 123 yards on the ground also sounds like an impressive number. Quinlan’s 104 yards on 11 carries were far more damaging than anything their running backs did. You can find the game’s box score, scoring summary and complete stats here.

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Michael Fortino races for 62-yd TD
Photo: Rob Massey / Guelph Mercury

I’ve seen at least four different game stories and Rob Massey’s story in the Mercury is the one I would recommend if you are only going to read one. The link – Gryphs rocked by reigning champs. Some of the highlights from the story:

  • Some strong comments by Coach Lang, veteran & captain Mike Millar and sophomore QB Jazz Lindsey. Lindsey’s comments strike me as particularly mature for a young player (he’s also a captain) – no attempt to blame anyone else, even though lots of fingers could be pointed in multiple directions.
  • There wasn’t much for Gryphon fans to cheer about after Fortino’s touchdown as the offence sputtered and the defence was on the field way too long.
  • The defensive highlight of the game for the Gryphs was their goal-line stand in the third quarter that stopped three consecutive runs from inside the five-yard line.
  • Of the 47 Gryphons suited up for the opener, 25 were in either their first or second year of eligibility.

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Guelph Dept of Athletics press release: Gryphons drop season opener to Marauders

The Hamilton Spectator: Mac gives Hamilton something to cheer about
Further to my point above about Quinlan’s scrambling: Quinlan was already a strong scrambler last season. But the poise he showed Monday every time he didn’t have an open receiver was at an even higher level. By the second quarter, those runs had finally softened up the Guelph defence enough to start picking it apart with passes to his excellent corps of receivers. Most of Quinlan’s scrambles were necessitated by good coverage from our young secondary. The defense was not up to the task of containing him and they certainly didn’t get enough pressure on him.

The CIS Blog: Labouring through OUA blowouts Brief comments about each game and links to the media coverage

McMaster Sports Information Office: McMaster dumps Guelph 50-9 in opening day victory

Television highlights from The Score:

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For the first time in over a year Guelph lost the special teams battle in a game. In a gutsy call the Gryphons attempted and recovered an onside kick to open the game. It was mostly downhill on special teams after that. Multiple penalties were part of the problem. The punt return team allowed the Mac punter to throw a pass for a 1st down. Matt Santos played in the place of an injured Daniel Ferraro. His punt yardage was comparable to the Mac punters but his kicks lacked hangtime. He did nail the PAT and didn’t come close to having any punts blocked. It looked like he could have run for a first down after he juggled a snap and Mac had retreated quickly without bringing any pressure.

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One Response to Thoughts on the McMaster game

  1. Dave says:

    I have a quick question on rules, I remember the bobbled catch and yes the punter almost ran. My question, on several punts, why weren’t lineman called for being downfield prior to the kick? I’m asking as I’m not positive on the rule.

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