A disaster at McMaster?

Hardly! Though I don’t doubt that some people will be doing everything they can to spin it that way.  No doubt a 50-9 score is embarassing and definitely not what I was hoping for. But you need to put it in perspective. Last season the Marauders were humbled 48-21 by Western on their home field before a national TV audience in Week 2. I don’t think it ruined their season.

That game last September was a battle of the OUA’s top 2 teams. A contest that those teams knew might determine who would finish first. Yesterday’s game was a contest between the consensus #1 team in the country and a squad that will hopefully compete for a 4th, 5th or 6th place finish in the OUA. This may actually be a blessing in disguise for the Gryphons.

4th Quarter action at McMaster
Photo: Trisha Johnson

I think this was a great game to get out of the way early. No team we play the rest of the season will be as good as the one we played yesterday. So while things get easier in terms of challenges, they won’t get easy. And the stakes become more important.

Re-read what I wrote in my post Expectations for the 2012 season. What happened yesterday doesn’t change my thinking on this season overall. After all I did say,

The way I see it in 2012, Guelph is only overmatched in one game – McMaster. The Gryphons should be able to compete with Queen’s, Windsor, Western, Laurier and Toronto. The Gryphons will again be heavy favourites to beat Waterloo and York.

The chemistry on this team was too positive throughout last year’s 2-6 season for me to think the leaders on the team, or the coaches, will let one bad game derail what I believe is still a promising season. I’ve seen nothing yet to make me think that a 4-4 or 5-3 season is not still possible. Heck, I thought a 0-3 start versus Sask., Mac & Windsor was a distinct possibility and we are already 1-1. The Gryphons can be 2-1 if they put this behind them and play up to their potential in Windsor on Saturday.   [Check out this photo of 2012 Gryphon captains]

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8 Responses to A disaster at McMaster?

  1. Rob Maver says:

    There is no possible way that a 50-9 loss can be anything but a disaster. I do agree that this does not ruin their season, as no one regular season game does, but how you can call this a blessing is disguise is well beyond me.

  2. Grant MacDonald says:

    Peter, for the first time in awhile, I gotta disagree with you.
    There should be no such thing as a game you can’t win. The feeling of a “moral win” or a “good loss” is something that we tried to get rid of while playing at guelph. There is only winning & and losing. Yesterday, guelph lost, and badly….Also, guelph is 0-1 this year..preseason means nothing.
    Next week is another big test, hopefully guelph puts foreward a better effort

  3. This result was embarassing, absolutely no way of getting around that. Whether it turns out to be a “blessing in disguise” only time will tell. It really depends how the Gryphons respond to it. A performance like that against a lesser team than Mac might be a disaster. Suffering several devasting injuries could have turned that game into a disaster. I expected a much better effort than we got but this was only one of four blowouts in the OUA yesterday. Losing to Toronto 19-0 or getting blown out by Windsor 63-18 would be worse in my opinion.

  4. Agreed, if the team can take away lessons from the game, whether the level they need to get to competitively or schematically, they’ll be ok. The score is a couple points down the list of importance as the Gryphs move forward.

    Ok, I’ll be ‘that guy,’ It doesn’t matter how you start . . . you know the rest.

  5. Rob Maver says:

    If Western of McMaster lost by 41 not one person would be drawing positives from it. If this is the calibre team we want to become then we need to stop patting ourselves on the back for losing games like this.

    • Rob, you’re not understanding what I’m saying. How does calling this game “an embarassment” = “patting ourselves on the back”. This was a terrible game but its not a disaster that derails our season. Forget about it (other than using it for motivation) and move on. Saturday’s game in Windsor is far more important than the Mac ever could be.

  6. Mark Lancer says:

    This game was your “mulligan”. Yet, the game this Saturday night is crucial for both teams. Lose this game to Windsor and you will have an uphill road for a playoff spot. This game is also crucial to Windsor as we really can’t afford a loss at home, if we are striving to at least host a playoff game this year. Ottawa’s secondary was absolutely porous. Guelph will need to play the Windsor receivers much, much tighter or it could be a long night for the Red & Gold.

  7. Mike says:

    I understand completely what Peter is saying. While it is nice to view the performances as WIN or LOSE, from a coaching perspective, the team has to recognize the positives within the context of a blowout. On the same token, were the shoe on the other foot, the coaches would need to be grounding the the team by identifying the weakness in an effort to keep the players on an even keel. Know what it was, recognise it for what it it was, Grow off it and move in….Windsor please!

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