Top 10 things Frosh need to know about Gryphon Football

10. Guelph students dress up, paint their faces and show up in large numbers for nationally televised games. Guelph students know how to get into the spirit of the game

9.  Homecoming Game always sells out in advance. Buy your tickets early or you will be sitting at home staring at an empty keg while your friends are partying it up in the stadium

8.  The Gryphons have a long history of success on the gridiron, winning multiple Dominion Championships in the 1930’s and 1950’s, a Vanier Cup in ’84 and two more Yates Cups in the 1990’s.

7.  Guelph has the best cheerleading squad in the OUALike their Facebook page

6.  Alumni Stadium will have the newest turf field and biggest scoreboard and video screen in the OUA

5.  Back-to-back top recruiting classes have brought a host of talented young players into the Gryphon program

4.  The University of Guelph Homecoming Game atmosphere is rated the best in the country by the television broadcasters of The Score network

3.  Gryphon coaches have a combined 14 Grey Cup rings, 4 Vanier rings and 18 Yates Cup rings

2.  In 2012 the Gryphons will have 19 returning starters in their line-up

1.  The Yates Cup will be coming back to Guelph soon

*     *     *

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