Update – Aug 30/12

The 2012 Gryphon roster is now up on gryphons.ca. The player profiles contain only very basic information but one nice addition is the inclusion of player stats at the bottom of each player’s profile. Mind you many of the players don’t have 2012 stats yet. And some of the stats displayed from the preseason Saskatchewan game aren’t complete.

Just a couple things I noticed, several injured players aren’t on the list even though I expect we will see a couple of them this season. Mike Ullerick who just had knee surgery and won’t play in 2012 is included. Freshman Mikey Carney who completed 3 of 5 passes for 21 yards and ran for a TD against the Huskies, is listed as a WB [wingback]. It would seem that the solid play of Luke Nangle solidified his grip on the #2 QB spot. For months there has been speculation that if Carney wasn’t going to get much playing time at quarterback he would be used as a receiver. He brings too much talent to the game to sit out as a freshman. There is plenty of precedent for that in college football – Brad Sinopoli comes to mind.

One of Carney’s most impressive completions was the 2-point convert pass to Michael Fortino. He whistled a pass into a very tight window for that score. Fortino to his credit held on to the ball in spite of taking a helmet to the hip/thigh area just as he caught it. Fortino was one of several bruised Gryphons who weren’t practicing at the beginning of the week but can be expected to play on Labour Day.

If you check out the individual roster photos you will see the new white jerseys. While the yellow numbers are very large and outlined in black, the problems the radio broadcasters had reading them in Saskatoon were legit. Apparently as big and as bold as they are the numbers “wash out” in the glare of lights in a night game. That explains some of the inconsistency in the games stats. At the bottom of the roster page there are also links to view the profiles of the eighteen members of the coaching staff.

*     *     *

Speaking of Labour Day, I see that the general admission tickets at Ron Joyce Stadium have sold out. There are still reserved seat tickets [$25] available at maraudertickets.com. If you checked out the CIS Preseason Top 10 yesterday you would know that the Marauders are the #1 ranked team in Canada heading into this game. They will pose quite a challenge for a season opener. McMaster’s CIS profile is here.

*     *     *

It seems that no blog post is complete these days without an up-to-date photo of the new turf. You will see in this one that the numbers and hash marks are complete. The infilling of sand into the turf has begun. To make sure you get tickets for the home opener and Homecoming games ordering season tickets on September 4 is the way to go >  Gryphons Box Office.

Alumni Stadium turf – Aug 30/12
Photo credit: Mike MacDonald

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