Saturday morning thoughts & links

I am working on getting some feedback from the parents/coaches who were in Saskatoon for the game. I may even get some video clips from a parent. Problem is we are both a little challenged when it comes to getting the video out of the camera, through the internet and onto the blog. Hopefully his son can help us out. Definitely check back in the next 24 hours for more feedback.

This Flickr photo comes from Huskies Outsider blog.
Photo: Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella

What I know right now is that this was a very good win for the Gryphons. But it was a preseason game filled with lots of mistakes and penalties. I’m sure the coaches and players will learn from it as they examine the film. The team needs to maintain the focus they had before the game because as good as they may feel right now, they are no closer to making the OUA playoffs than they were last week. The Labour Day game at Mac is a whole different ball of wax. The Gryphons will be taking on a veteran team and the defending National Champs. If you want to go to the game I suggest you don’t waste any time ordering your tickets @

One thing this result does show is that the idea that talk of excellent recruiting classes at Guelph is all “hype”, is horse-shit. At least 40 of the 67 players in the game were members 2011 and 2012 recruiting classes, plus a few 2010 recruits seeing their first action. But, there is no chance that those youngsters accomplish this without the leadership and efforts of veterans like Mike Millar, Matt Richardson, Jake Reinhart, Saxon Lindsey, Bryan Dunjko, Dillon Dimitroff, Cam Thorn, Zack Androschuk and a dozen more Gryphon upperclassmen.

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The Huskies Outsider blog was quick to provide some postgame coverage – Game Story: Huskies 21, Gryphons 26 and Huskies open season with a loss. The first of the links contains some game stats and this quote from Huskies HC Brian Towriss:

We weren’t ready to play at the start. They really took it to us, physically. I’m not so concerned about the score, but I am concerned about the fact that we didn’t hit anybody. We paid a physical price for it. It looks like we’re going to lose a couple guys for a little bit and that just tells me we got out-hit, big time.

The Star-Phoenix has a story in today’s paper – Huskies come up short against Gryphons. You will find a summary of the scoring, more quotes from Huskies’ Towriss and, unfortunately, a list of the Huskies players who were injured in the game.

View more high quality photos from the game at Huskies Outsider photo stream. Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a decent camera to take photos like that. IIRC the Outsider used money from the sale of sponsorships to purchase camera and video equipment. I would certainly welcome a sponsor but if there is a Gryphon fan who wants to share photos or video please contact me at .

Update: Guelph Mercury has a story out this morning with some additional content – Football Gryphs victorious out west and the Univ. of Guelph’s story on – Guelph earns 26-21 non-conference win.

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