Live blog – Gryphons vs UofS Huskies

Summary:  A great way to start the year. Both teams played a lot of guys and each used 3 QBs. Several things that the radio commentators said frequently [paraphrasing] – Guelph front seven is very good;  love the way that Guelph D flowed to the ball; DBs showed tight coverage; secondary played very well; impressed with Guelph’s overall team speed and athleticism; their play does them proud; Guelph o-line was getting major push against UofS d-line [that seemed to increase as the game went on].

I haven’t heard any 2nd half or final stats but the running game was much more effective as the game went on. Huskie coach Brian Towriss said “they took it to us physically”, beat us up on both sides of the ball.

Update:  I managed to jot down some but not all the stats:
Teams                                Guelph                 Saskatchewan
First Downs                          27                               26
Rushing yards                     123                            105
Passing – Att/Compl      17 of 24                     24 of 43
–              Yards                    251                             348
Turnovers                             1                                  3
Punting Avg                        42                                37

Individual stats [incomplete] – Rushing – Davidson 9 for 59; Rutledge 6 for 52; Nieuwesteeg 4 for 31; Lindsey, Farquarson, Henderson ?? *Something is definitely wrong with the rushing yards breakdown. Henderson picked up some solid yards & Nangle had a 25 yd run to end the 1st half*
Passing – Nangle 10 for 14; Lindsey, Carney ??

*     *     *

12:12  Referee tells scorekeeper to take the 2 points off the board. There are no points for a returned 2 point attempt in CIS football.  That rule applies to CFL & NCAA. Kick doesn’t go 10 yards. Guelph ball. Guelph wins.

12:09  It was John Rush for 2 points. Huskies attempting short kick-off.

12:08  Huskie QB scores with 10 secs left in the game.  Guelph picks off 2 point convert and returns it 110 yards for 2 point. Radio commentator doesn’t say who got the pick – a Linebacker.

12:04  Huskies start drive at their own 10 just under a minute. Big pass completion for UofS to near mid-field. Another Huskie injury. They’ve had a whole bunch of guys go down tonight.  28 secs left Huskies deep into Guelph territory.

12:01  Guelph running out the clock. Line getting good push. Huskies going after the ball. 3rd down Guelph to punt. Huskies call timeout.

11:57  Mac Myers picks up an INT after Huskies got the drive moving with big pass completion.

11:55  Julian Tropea coming in to kick FG on 3rd and less than 2 yds. Good! Gryphons lead by 11 points – 26-15.

11:50  Huskies fumble. John Rush recovers the ball. Guelph immediately completes big pass down to Sask 35. Guelph is in FG range at the UofS. 2nd & less than a yard. Cory Davidson picks up 1st down at 25. A score ices the game.

11:44  Snap over the head of Nangle which he covers for a big loss. 3rd & 30.

11:43  Nangle hits Dimitroff in the middle for 14 yds. Radio guys are impressed with all 3 Guelph QBs. 12 yd pass to Charette. Nice drive for Guelph. No gain on sweep by Charette.

11: 38  Guelph has some starting defenders back in and put bug hit on QB.

11:36 65 yd punt from Ferraro. UofS picks up illegal block penalty and still can’t get ball out of the EZ. Rouge for Guelph. 23-15 Guelph.

11:33  Now Trivieri drops a deep pass from Carney.

11:31  wow! Huskies receivers have had several drops.

11:26  Jordan Henderson picks up 9-1/2 yards on first. OL getting big push. Huskies bringing some of the starting DLs back in as 4th Q starts.

11:24  Guelph forces UofS into a 2nd consecutive 2 & out.

11:19  QB Carney rolls out and takes it in for TD. Going for 2 pts. Pass caught in EZ by Michael Fortino. 22 -15 Guelph

11:16  Big punt return from A’dre Fraser. 42 yd punt, 43 yd return. Carney completes pass to Fraser. He stands in and throws as he gets hit. RB picks up 1st down at Sask 13. I wish the radio guys would identify more of the UG playmakers but they say it is hard to see the yellow #s on new white jerseys. UofS offside. 1st & 5 Guelph. 2nd & 7 inside 10. 3rd & 1 at 3.

11:08  Carney hits Keith Walker for a first down gain on 2nd & eight from the 22. Rutledge makes nice run up the middle on zone read. Commentators credit left side of the line with strong blocking. Out near mid field. Guelph takes maybe their 4th or 5th procedure/offside penalty. Carney sacked. 2nd & 23. Another penalty.

11:02  Sask brings in a new QB also. Huskies pick up a first down. And another. Good drive but forced to kick a FG. Miss. Guelph ball on their 20.

10:56  Carney in at QB. something went wrong on his first play and he has to run it himself + 3 or 4 yds. Pass incomplete. Guelph kicking from their 25.

10:54  A pretty good half for the Gryphons. They are definitely holding their own. I think it is a good effort for a team that only had 12 hours of training camp practice beforehand.

10:50  Halftime stats – Sask off – 39 plays for 252 yards; Guelph offense – 28 plays for 205 yds & 13 first downs [14 rushes for 26 yds; 9 receptions for 181]

*     *    *

10:35  Nangle runs for 25 or 30 yds on zone read option. Hit 2 or 3 yds out of bounds. + 15 yds and one last chance to score on final play of the half. May be multiple penalties as Guelph players push the guilty Huskie player.  15-14 at halftime.

10:28  Wow, this final minute or two is taking forever to run out. Guelph 2 & out.

10:23 radio broadcast cut out on me with little time left in the half.  2  & out for the Huskies. UofG DBs praised for tight coverage.

10:17  Sask drive starts in Guelph territory after the two problem snaps with 3 minutes for Huskies to do something. Sask will have to kick FG after drive stalls inside guelph 25. Turnover leads to big turn of fortune. 15-14 Huskies.

10:14 Nangle fumbles shotgun snap… lose 7. Then bad snap is recovered by Sask DL. Guelph looked to be heading in for potential score. [Correction: it turns out that this was QB Carney in for his first ever CIS series; play-by-play says DL out-hustled Carney to get to the loose ball.]

10:11  Well executed screen play by Nangle. Rutledge picks up 16. another short gain by Rutledge with 15 yds tacked on. Nangle runs for 8-yd gain on a bootleg that had the radio guys totally faked out. Guelph O-line being praised for driving Huskie d-line back 5 or 6 yds.

10:08  Huskies forced to punt for the first time.

10:02 TD A’dre Fraser. 37 yd pass from Nangle. 14-12 Gryphons.  65 yd drive. Nice!

10:00  Well executed draw play … Jordan Henderson gains 16. Pass complete Nangle to Ingram over the middle. Gryphs were down to the Sask 32 when they took a procedure penalty. A Huskie has a broken leg.

9:56  Huskies miss a FG. 12-7 Huskies.

9:54  Guelph has begun to rotate some backups into the game on D. LB Jacob Harpell with  tackle. Huskies have a good drive going … having more success on the ground. Big sack by Reinhart on QB bootleg. 2nd & 25.

9:50  Guelph has the first 2 & out of the game. Nangle was in a QB. Huskies have their best field position to start.

9:44  Huskies drive then score from 64 yds away. 100 yd drive to end 1st Q. 11-7 Huskies. End of first Q.

9:42  Radio guys have now corrected the score. 7-4

9:40  Lindsey gets sacked on 2nd & 2. Punt by Tropea. UofS ball at the 10.

9:35  Huskies miss 40-yd FG. Guelph gets it out of endzone to get possession on the 35. Facemask on Sask moves Guelph close to centre field. Charette makes catch to get ball over centre field.

9:29  Huge pass play down to Sask 1 yd line. Farquarson pounds it in from the 1. 7-3 Gryphons. Trivieri had the big catch.

9:28  Zach Androschuk picks off Huskies.

9:25  Big 30-yd KO return. Gryph receiver rocks S Bryce McCall with a block as Jazz runs for nice game. UofS DB drops potential INT. Guelph punts from their 50.

9:18  Huskies have moved the ball. Now across mid-field. I think some of the jersey #s are being mixed up. Nesbitt is definitely playing O tonight. Long FG attempt good. 3-0 Huskies.  Gryphs have done a good job limiting the run since QB Burko’s scramble.

9:12  Big gain on first play – 41 yd pass to Trivieri. Charette the other starter in the slot. Punt on 3rd & 1.

9:10  Guelph to receive the KO. Starting probably Jazz, Saxon, Dimitroff, Farquarson, not sure who in the slots. RT Richardson, RG Nesbitt, C O’Neil, LG Meschino, LT Fraser.

9:05  Several important Gryphon players who aren’t playing tonight – Jake Piotrowski, Colin MacDonald, Scoot McDooling & more.  Big news for Gryph fans: Dave Harrison cleared by OUA/CIS to play this year. Harrison was a star receiver 2006-2009. Missed the past 2 seasons with injuries.

9:00  The software isn’t really set up for this purpose. Will see how it goes.

From KimThue’s twitter @GlobalThue

8:55  Gryphs will be wearing new white jerseys.

8:50  I am stealing a page from the Huskies Outsider blog with this live blog. You will have to hit refresh to see updates which I will post periodically. I don’t intend to do this during regular season games as I’m a fan more than a blogger. But tonight I’m listening on the radio not sitting in the stands.

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2 Responses to Live blog – Gryphons vs UofS Huskies

  1. OB says:

    Great work Peter Gryphon! The “play-by-play” is much appreciated. Love reading about how the starters are coming together and how the underclassmen getting PT.

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