Stadium update with video

Wednesday morning, August 22, 2012
Photo credit: Rick Carpenter, University of Guelph

Rick Carpenter of the University’s Physical Resources Dept. provided me with an update of the progress on the field. If you look closely in the shaded area in the upper right you will see that the sodding has begun. The marking of the yardage numbers has begun and all the new fence posts are in. The holes for the post foundations of the video scoreboard have been started. It sounds to me like everything is progressing “full speed ahead”.

Check out this brief video clip from late in the afternoon [provided by Mike MacDonald] to see how much progress has been made in just one day.

*     *     *

Yes!! No problems today purchasing my tickets for the Labour Day game at McMaster. I would suggest you don’t hesitate to buy your tickets on-line at I plan on arriving two hours early and socializing with the Richardson clan and other Gryphon fans in the shade of Parking Lot M.

*     *     *

Today I learned from the NFL Canada blog that “the NFL is visiting seven campuses in Ontario and Quebec this fall to support and celebrate Canadian University (CIS) football.” Guelph will be one of the schools that the NFL on Campus roadshow will visit. The UofG campus stop will be the week of the Homecoming Game versus UofT.

During the week leading up to each game, students will have an opportunity to participate in NFL on Campus flag football tournaments (with NFL team shirts provided by Nike). The new Madden NFL 13 game from EA Sports will also be available for students to play on consoles around campus. On campus cheer squads, student promotion teams and marching bands will also be decked out in NFL gear.

On game day, interactive NFL experiences will include the opportunities for fans to measure their vertical jump (comparing their results to those of NFL stars, then sharing on social media), to create their own Lambeau Leap photo, and  to test their throwing and kicking skills in the NFL kick n’ pass zone.

*     *     *

Look for a report on training camp later tonight.

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