Photo of the day & more

I have seen several good photos of the work on the field today via Facebook. This is my favourite.

North endzone Saturday August 18, 2012
Photo credit: Mike MacDonald

*     *     *

In a Guelph Mercury story from earlier this week, Football Gryphs to ease up at camp , Rob Massey covers many bases including changes at training camp, the trip to Saskatoon, the coaching staff and a mention of the high school camp. Yes, Coach Lang’s former Eskimos teammate, Neil Lumsden, is officially the Running Backs coach. But Massey doesn’t mention all the changes on the staff of 18. 

Regular readers of this blog will already be familiar with the other additions over the offseason – Defensive Backs Coach Gregg Butler, Linebackers Coach Adam Grandy and Quarterbacks Coach John Engel. A complete listing of the 2012 coaching staff can be found at I am glad to see that four young coaches who joined the staff last season all return – Nick FitzGibbon, Nick Woehl, Brian Mallot and Zach Pollari.

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