Good news on two fronts

First of the turf – August 16,2012
Photo credit: Rick Carpenter, Univ. of Guelph

The first of the turf is down. This photo was taken approx. 8 a.m. this morning.

*     *     *

The other good news comes from the website.  CFC has ranked each OUA recruiting class and assigned a letter grade. They polled CIS coaches as well as using their own resources.

The Highlights:

The OUA coaches clearly differentiated between the bottom three teams and top 6-7 teams when ranking the recruiting classes.  There was no consensus #1 pick but Queens and Guelph garnered the most votes.  The top 4 teams in the rankings at least received one #1 ranking.  Some teams had their best recruiting classes in years and OUA teams collectively did a better job of getting recruits from other provinces, as well as a better job of keeping their best players in town.

The Rankings:

1.  Queen’s Golden Gaels  –   A
2.  Guelph Gryphons  –   A
3.  Western Mustangs  –   A-
4.  McMaster Marauders  –   A-
5.  Windsor Lancers  –   B+
6.  Laurier Golden Hawks  –   B-
7.  York Lions  –   B-
8.  Ottawa GeeGees  –   C
9.  Toronto Varsity Blues  –   C
10.  Waterloo Warriors  –   D

Comments on Guelph:

Head Coach Stu Lang has his best class of his head coaching career.  Assembling a great and hard working group of recruiters, Lang and his staff unturned every rock they could in the process.  Recruits to keep your eye on over the next few years include Zack Mallough (DL), Jamie Lalonde (OL), Steve Mburanumwe (OL), Cam Wilhelm (OL), A’dre Fraser (REC), Pat McGrath (LB), Curtis Newton (LB), Tristan Douglin (DB), and Colin Mandich (DB).  Recruiting coordinator Bill Brown commented on this impressive group of athletes:
“We are very excited to have added another outstanding recruiting class to the Gryphon Family. Our linemen will be bigger and stronger, and we have added depth and excitement into our skilled positions. With a new turf facility and an upgraded staff and roster, the Gryphons are climbing higher and are poised to strike.”

Read the full story: CFC ranks: OUA 2012 recruiting classes

*     *     *

I am in complete agreement with CFC’s ranking. My own ranking of the top four OUA classes and assigned letter grades are identical to those of CFC. I certainly wouldn’t trade this Gryphon recruiting class for any other. Guelph coaches landed players who suit what they are trying to do. For example, Queen’s o-line recruits may be viewed as equal to Guelph’s but they wouldn’t fit our system as well. They may have a slight edge in size but they don’t match our OLs in terms of speed and athleticism.

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6 Responses to Good news on two fronts

  1. Mark Lancer says:

    I think Windsor has a few recruits they are not announcing until camp. If no one else adds recruits, Windsor may be number 1 in my humble non-biased opinion. Should be an exciting season. It seems that York and Toronto are decent teams….with Waterloo probably taking a step back with the graduation of their best players. Guelph should be a solid team with some offensive weapons like Jazz Lindsay and D Fraser.

  2. What I like is the trend with Gryphon recruiting. Take a look at the top ranked OUA classes the past three years:

    2012 – Queen’s, Guelph, Western
    2011 – Western, Guelph, McMaster
    2010 – Ottawa, Laurier, Guelph

    Guelph has landed a top 3 class for three consecutive years. They are the only OUA team to do that. The Gryphons have accumulated the type of talent that it takes to compete with the league’s elite programs.

  3. Mark Lancer says:

    Im hearing rumours that former CJFL offensive rookie of the year, Beau Lumley may suit up for Windsor. If true, I would rank Windsor’s class with anyone in the OUA. This kid can do it all on O.
    Running back, slotback, punt returns, some defense. Great, great pick up if true.

    • I agree Lumley could really help the Lancers especially with Grant being a one year wonder. From what I’ve heard he is a guy who would contribute immediately. The question with Lumley hasn’t been his ability but his attitude which caused some other OUA teams to back-off recruiting him. Will the Lancers have a ready replacement for their other one-and-done starter, OL Joe Trittler?

      • Mark Lancer says:

        Lumley is nursing a hip injury so im not even sure if he was out there. You raise an interesting point. He may not be a university calibre student. Having said that, he could make a significant difference even if he plays this year only. I expect Essex Raven stud Dan Benson to replace Joe Tiller. Benson is a future CIS star imo.

        [Editors Note: ML is referring to Joe Trittler. Joe Tiller is the former HC of Purdue Univ where he mentored Drew Brees. Trittler was a Windsor AKO Fratmen grad who started on the Lancer o-line in 2011 but won’t be returning for a second year.]

  4. I agree. Benson should be good. Guelph may also need a freshmen, or two, to contribute in a big way on the o-line and I believe they have several capable of doing it. WRT Lumley I know nothing about his academics. He may well be a very good student. I certainly don’t think Windsor wants to count on one-and-done players to build a program. They may help in a turnaround situation but hinder long term stability.

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