Peter Gryphon: A well done interview with Coach Lang by the guys at Huskie Outsider. A very good read.

Huskie Outsider

It’s hard to believe how quickly attention turns to fall and the Huskie football season! The Huskies will be taking the field for their first game of the season, a non-conference matchup with the Guelph Gryphons, next Friday at Griffiths Stadium. Earlier today, the Gryphons’ head coach, Stu Lang, was kind enough to take 20 minutes out of his busy schedule in order to speak with Huskie Outsider about the Gryphon program, next week’s matchup with the Huskies, the 2012 season, and his thoughts about having an inter-conference game built into each team’s annual schedule.

There is optimism surrounding the Guelph program as they have been upgrading their facilities and are coming off of a successful offseason on the recruiting trail. “The advice I got, when I began my career as a head coach (2010), regarding hiring staff, was to make sure that your staff are great recruiters. That was…

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