Field update and more

I stopped by Alumni Stadium late this afternoon.

There were approximately two dozen very large rolls spread about along the sides of the field. On the white plastic covering it said “Field Turf”.

Yes, Virginia, the turf has arrived. And so has all the equipment that the installers need. It would seem that only a terrible streak of bad weather could now thwart the successful, on-time completion of the field.  I should have thought to take some pictures. I did inquire about the status of the webcam and was empowered to contact the person responsible for it. Hopefully, they can get that up and running ASAP becasue the next few weeks will offer some great viewing as the turf is rolled out and stitched together.

*     *     *

As good as the news outside was, I was even more impressed with what I saw inside the stadium.  There were football players and coaches everywhere. Apparently as many as 30 recruits are already in Guelph and getting acclimated. Lots of veterans too. John Rush seemed to be showing Colin Mandich around. Scott McDooling was working out with Steve Mburanumwe. Probably three dozen players headed over to Varsity Field to be briefed by coaches in preparation for the 6 o’clock Elite H.S. Camp.

There was a very positive feeling in the building. A lot of enthusiasm, anticipation, excitement. Beyond what would seem to be the norm for a team coming off a 2-6 season. This team maintained a very positive chemistry even through a bad season. Some of the cliches about adversity making you stronger would seem to apply here.

The two-storey football complex has changed a great deal in recent years. It is no langer a barren concrete structure. Everything is painted, or carpeted. The walls are filled with photos and awards.  CFL Helmets and the names of all the Gryphons who have played in the league are new. Not so new but more prominently displayed are the photos of all the Wildman Trophy winners going back to the 1930’s.  Even the walls of the High Performance Center are filling up but I won’t go into that until I remember to take some photos. I would encourage all former players to drop by the football offices next time they are on campus.

*     *     *

University of Saskatchewan poster promoting next week’s game.

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