Photos, news, thoughts – July 22

The vapour barrier is down and the trucks are arriving to spread the first layer of sand and stone – July 19,2012     Photo: Stu Lang’s twitter feed

While other stadium projects experience delays, it is good to know that the new turf field installation at Alumni Stadium is moving along on schedule.  A picture via the stadium webcam Saturday afternoon appears to show that the spreading of sand and stone is complete.  Check out the webcam regularly and you will be able to see the field turn green over the coming weeks.

*     *     *

Over the past week I’ve watched many of the Football Canada Cup games in London.  Gryphon coach Bill Brown is working with Team Ontario West while John Engel is Head Coach of Team Ontario East.  I also thought I saw Todd Galloway on the Team O West sidelines in a couple of the games but you can’t be sure when you’re watching a live feed on a small screen.  Almost all members of the Gryphons coaching staff and recruit team spent several days at the tournament scouting and recruiting some top future prospects for Guelph.

Team O West won the bronze medal game over Saskatchewan by a score of 44-10. Team O East defeated Nova Scotia by a score of 32-18 to claim fifth place. Both teams had 2-1 records in the tournament.  Team Quebec won the gold and Alberta the silver for the second year in a row.  I imagine we will hear a lot more of the participants in the tournament as the 2013 recruiting season rolls around.

*     *     *

I am heading out to watch two OVFL games this afternoon – JV and Varsity games between the Hamilton Ironmen and Kingston Grenadiers.  The Hamilton Varsity and Kingston JV teams are both 7-0. Should be some good games on a beautiful day. 

As for upcoming blog posts I really, really do intend to get started on another post on the Guelph offense very soon. Perhaps even tonight. Another topic I want to cover one last time is the 2012 recruiting class. Over the past 3 or 4 months there have been a few changes to the recruit list, both additons and deletions.  As Bill Brown said last month the numbers will still be in the range of 40-45 incoming freshmen and transfers. No need for Gryphon fans to worry!  I’ve heard that back in the spring (March, April) Guelph coaches were turning down 10 requests a week from players wanting to play here. That was far more requests than they had ever received before. So Guelph hasn’t had to settle for any 3rd tier talent.  After that topic, the blog should be focused primarily on the upcoming season.



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