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Tom Kendall speaking at the FoGF Coaches Gala, May 2012
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We now know the Hamilton Tiger-Cats won’t be playing any games in Guelph next year.  Director of Athletics Tom Kendall told the Mercury that “time constraints, cost and the logistics of bringing CFL football to a university venue were just too much”.  I can accept that, particularly with the time constraints, but I do give Kendall credit for contacting the Ticats and exploring the possiblitities.  Full story here: Even if Ticats wanted to play in Guelph university couldn’t pull it off Kendall

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Calgary Herald sports writer Kristen Odland caught up with Rob Maver this week in Kingston. Maver’s Stampeders were laying over between games in Toronto and Montreal, and practiced at Queen’s University for two days. Odland made enough errors of fact to have me shaking my head.  Perhaps her readers back in Calgary won’t know the difference but what really bothered me was her negative spin on Gryphons football.

As a former member of the Guelph University Gryphons, trips up the 401 to Queen’s University in Kingston consisted of the following: drive four-and-a-half or five hours, suffer a (usually) massive beat-down by the Gaels and head home.

Massive beat-down? Has Queen’s ever inflicted a massive beatdown on Guelph?  There certainly was a heartbreaking loss in 2009 – 49-52 on a last second field goal. But that was no beatdown.  [It wasn’t in OT as she says.]  Ask any of your Queen’s friends if they can remember any other team that has come into Richardson and scored 7 offensive touchdowns on the Golden Gael defense as Guelph did that day. Guelph’s other loss in Kingston during the Maver era was 14-26 in 2007.  Again, that’s not a beat-down. 

And Guelph’s visit previous to that, in 2004, was a great Gryphon triumph. Trailing 26-0 at halftime, the Gryphons came back and administered a second half “beat-down” on their Gaelic hosts to win 27-26.  I certainly don’t see Richardson Stadium as the House of Horrors for Gryphons that Odland makes it out to be.  By the way, I quite like the quaint, old wooden slat benches that make up Richardson. Much preferable to the aluminum stadium in London in my opinion.

The part of the article about Maver’s 2012 season thus far is worth reading so just skip down to the final four paragraphs.  Find the article here.

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The 55 Yard Line blog has a good story on the impact that the improving quality of CIS football is having on the CFL.  A recent CIS report says “a record 145 CIS graduates were listed on CFL rosters to begin the 2012 season, 116 of which were considered to be on active rosters”.  Every team in the CIS is represented on CFL rosters. Full story here.

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I have already reported on Team Canada’s victory over the USA in the Gold medal game of the IFAF U19 world championship. But I still recommend that you take a look at the story in the Niagara Falls Review on hometown hero John Rush: Oh what a Rush.

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One Response to Four links (& comments) worth reading

  1. I asked the most knowledgeable Queen’s fan I know for some feedback on the questions I raised and this is what I learned:

    Guelph didn’t score 7 offensive touchdowns in that game … 6 with 2 FG and a single. Your point is bang-on, not many teams have put up numbers like that in Richardson Stadium in recent history.

    Western scored 49 points on them in 2004 (49-24, don’t recall the scoring breakdown). That was a late-season game, though, and that ’09 game was a season opener.

    In 1992, when Queen’s won the Vanier Cup (I won’t bring up whom they beat in the national semifinal), Bishop’s beat them 49-14 early in the year at Richardson. I think they only scored 5 TDs on offence, the rest was safeties, FG and pick-six by Tom Europe.

    As for massive beatdown? Again, not really. To me that’s at least 28 points. Only one game qualifies … Queen’s beat Guelph 43-13 in 2001 and James MacLean set a still-standing CIS record with 377 receiving yards that day. That game was IN Guelph, however.

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