Gryphon Field House opens its doors

The new $9 million Gryphon Field House
Photo by: Rashaad Bhamjee

From the Guelph Mercury:

The University of Guelph’s newest sports facility is up and running.

The Gryphon Field House replaces the old Gryphon Dome, which had to be torn down due to structural issues.

Located on what used to be a soccer field beside where the old dome was in the centre of campus, the Gryphon Field House is a “pre-engineered” steel building that will house an indoor track as well as facilities for track and field events.

The infield is made of artificial turf suitable for soccer, rugby, football, lacrosse, baseball and ultimate Frisbee, the U of G said in a press release.

The structure is 185 feet by 300 feet and cost $9 million to build.

The new field house is currently being used for summer camp programs and for varsity and intramural training.

“U of G now has one of the best outdoor and indoor athletics facilities in Canada,” said athletics director Tom Kendall in the release.

Read the full story here: Gryphon Field House opens its doors

I love the possible use the football program can make of this facility in the off-season and in bad weather situations.  It makes Guelph unique, as UofT is the only other OUA program with a similiar indoor capability.

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One Response to Gryphon Field House opens its doors

  1. cflsteve says:

    great facilities is a great tool for recruiting for football. Having a state of the art indoor Practice facility for football and other sports on Campus. Most OUA schools have redone or built or will redo or build new playing facilities. All have a corporate sponsor, Russel, Addidas, Under Armour, or NIKE, that supplies not just football but all sports with equipment and Uniforms that no longer need to come out of the Athletic Budget something like this is what can set Guelph part from other Universities.
    I imagine the Tic Cats will have access to this and Guelphs decision host Hamilton may also lead to Guelph being there training camp sight each year instead of MAC. That is also more revenue for the University as pro football teams usually pay a decent rate for the use of a campus for training camp.

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