More thoughts on the Ticats & Guelph

There hasn’t been any public news that I have seen regarding the Ticats 2013 relocation in recent weeks.  I have communicated with several people since my last comments on the subject. I was reminded of the rumour (or is it fact?) that the Tiger-Cats apparently have a clause in their contract with the City of Hamilton that will reimburse them for any losses in season ticket sales for the 2013 year.  If true, that would affect my argument in this previous post.  Hopefully the Tiger-Cats are serious about “keeping it close to the fans for 2013”.  

Regardless, I believe there are plenty of other reasons that the University of Guelph’s Alumni Stadium is a better choice than Western’s TD Waterhouse Stadium for 2013:

  1. A newer and better football field
  2. A new, larger and more modern scoreboard being installed at Alumni Stadium. It will be better suited to CFL games than any other scoreboard in the OUA. That would give the Ticats the opportunity to sell advertising to national sponsors.
  3. More parking in close proximity to the stadium
  4. Go Transit access directly from Hamilton to the Guelph campus
  5. Easier access by car to the stadium. Much less travel through city streets, red-lights and potential traffic tie-ups than in London.
  6. Better opportunities for tailgate parties
  7. More local restaurants and pubs conveniently located close to the stadium for pre- and post-game meals
  8. With future renovations and expansion planned for the Stadium some could possibly be fast-tracked and built to suit the Ticats’ needs

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