Huskies’ Coach talking about Guelph

UofS HC Brian Towriss
Photo-Huskie Outsider

I came across the following comments from Saskatchewan Huskies HC Brian Towriss. They were part a larger discussion/interview on the Huskie Outsider fan blog –A summer update with Coach Towriss.

Coach Towriss was asked to look ahead to late August and the Huskies’ non-conference game when they’ll host the Guelph Gryphons, a team who is looking ahead to the 2012 season with optimism after a successful winter of recruiting.

“All the arrangements were finalized at the end of June. They’re going to be bringing out around 60 players, and we’ll dress about 65.” BT views this game in a similar fashion to last season’s non-conference game vs. Windsor. “They’re kind of an up and coming team in the OUA. They got better as the year went on last year, and they expect to be in the upper-middle part of their conference this year. It’ll be a good test for us. They’re hungry, and they’ve heard from some of the other programs that coming here for a game is a pretty good experience. Last year’s game certainly gave Windsor some confidence heading into their conference schedule.”

Even though this isn’t a conference game, the Huskies really hope for a good turnout. “We’d like to get a great crowd, because this is a game that we have to pay for,” he added. “It would be nice to put 5000 people in here for that game.” The game will also help prepare the Huskies for a tough conference season. “It’ll expose us to another style of play, much like last year. When we scrimmage, we’re throwing 24 of our own guys out there at the same time, so we cut the risk of injury in half by hosting this game. It’ll also provide us with a good test in order to get ready to play Alberta to open the CanWest season.”

Just a couple of points:

– from what I’ve heard the Gryphons will be taking closer to 70 players to Saskatoon, definitely more than the 60 Coach Towriss mentioned.

– lots of players on these rosters will have faced each other before. UofS has a large number of former Team Saskatchewan players & several from Team Alberta too I believe. Given the number of Team Ontario (East & West) players, plus Team BC and Team NS guys that Guelph has recruited the past two years it’s a certainty that they have faced each other in Football Canada Cup competition.

– two members of the Huskies squad are currently Team Canada teammates of John Rush and A’dre Fraser – safety Keegan Arnyek and DL Glen Joorisity. After being named Game MVP Rush gave a lot of credit to the play of the D-line. Joorisity was playing right in front of Rush. First quarter pressure that Rush brought on the Japanese QB led to an overthrow that Arnyek intercepted.

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