Blue Bombers try to say no to “More cow bell”

If you have been reading this blog faithfully for the past year you should remember my More cow bell post complete with SNL video.  So it was with particular interest that I read the following story involving the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and cow bells:

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have decided Christopher Walken was right, more cowbell is the answer.

Walken made the phrase “more cowbell” into an iconic pop-culture catchphrase with his famous Saturday Night Live skit with Will Ferrell.

But Bomber fans weren’t laughing Monday after they learned the team had decided there would be no more cowbell at home games. The CFL club quickly reversed the ban after fans vented on the Internet.

“I don’t understand why this team hates its fans so much,” one posted on the Bomber fan forum website. “We’re there in huge numbers every week, and they slap us in the face repeatedly.”

Toward the end of this Winnipeg Free Press storyAll-star defensive back Jovon Johnson said hearing cowbells on the gridiron seems to be a uniquely Canadian experience. He doesn’t remember them when he played south of the border.  Well Johnson obviously never played against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Their fans, like Guelph fans, are famous for ringing cow bells at games for more than 80 years.

The original Saturday Night Live skit:

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