Sunday thoughts & links – June 10/12

It is time to catch up on several stories I intended to write about but haven’t gotten around to up until now.  First up, the 2nd Annual Friends of Gryphon Football Coaches Gala.

*     *     *

Last month the 2nd annual Friends of Gryphon Football Coaches Gala was another great success. The 2012 version brought in revenue of $49,000. It was great to see many Gryphon football alumni among the almost 200 people in attendance. They included co-guest speaker Thomas Dimitroff Jr., Coach Mooney and many of his former players, plus players from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. 

Personally, I enjoy having the opportunity to meet and speak with some of the program’s “oldtimers”. Guys who have first-hand knowledge of the history of the Guelph and OAC/OVC programs. I had the opportunity to speak with Bill Stevens for the first time. Stevens, a 1958 OAC grad, was one of several members of Coach Mooney’s teams in the late 50s & early 60s to attend. I also had a chance to talk with more recent alums like Dudley Brown, Jeff Yanchus, Nick FitzGibbon, Ian McQueen and John Casasanta.

Other highlights of the evening:

  • a great exchange between Thomas Dimitroff and Jay Glazer which included fielding questions from the audience
  • Coach Stuart Lang’s update on the status of the program
  • a presentation to Mike O’Shea, the first Gryphon player to have his number “honoured” in Alumni Stadium
  • a preview of the design of the new turf field and track in Alumni Stadium
  • special guests including UofG President Alistair Summerlee, VP Brenda Whiteside, Ticat GM Bob O’Billovich and his wife, Denver Bronco Dir of Player Personnel Matt Russell
  • an incredibly high quality selection of items in the silent auction including signed NFL, CFL, NHL & MLB jerseys, helmets and bats

This very professional video is perhaps the best way to see the highlights of the evening:

The above photos were all taken by Kyle Rodriguez/ The complete collection of over 500 Gala photos can be viewed here.

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