Construction continues at Alumni Stadium

Photo by Chris Seto, Guelph Mercury

The latest story from the Guelph Mercury:

Heavy machinery is being used to reshape the playing surface at Alumni Stadium.

The University of Guelph stadium is undergoing an overhaul that includes replacing the grass field with artificial turf, installing new stadium lighting, and building a new 400-metre track that will meet international standards and allow for premier events to be hosted here. The plan is to have the football field ready for the Guelph Gryphons to play on this fall.

This April 24 story in the Mercury provides more of the details of the $4.9 million project.

Coach Lang has provided several photographic updates via Twitter, including the following:

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4 Responses to Construction continues at Alumni Stadium

  1. Kent says:

    What is the capacity there?

    • The stadium seats 5,100. But a hill on the east side of the field could accomodate thousands more. There were several hundred bleacher seats at the top of it. Attendance at the 2011 Homecoming game was 10,000.

  2. David Akin says:

    I know this probably makes sense from an ongoing operational cost viewpoint but I’m gonna miss the grass. Here’s a pic of Alumni Stadium on game day that I took for The Ontarion back in the late 80s.

    • I agree there is something special about a natural grass field. The cost difference isn’t a factor I’ve heard mentioned. Artificial turf makes sense because it can be used so much more. A grass field can only be used a few dozen times per year before it starts to deteriorate. It has become a recruiting tool as well – i.e. the perception is that the schools with newer and better turf have “better facilities”.

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