London Cornerback commits

More than any other position on defense the cornerback position is about speed and athleticism.  Colin Mandich from London’s St Thomas Aquinas brings the great athleticism necessary to compete at the position.  Mandich, at 5’11” 173lbs, was a two-way player for the Flames.  As a wide receiver on offense he was the team’s offensive MVP in 2010.  He was STA’s Team MVP in 2011.  But Mandich isn’t just a two-way football player, he’s also a standout on the basketball court.

This past basketball season Mandich played in London’s Ernie MacTavish All Star Classic where he led his team with a 16 point effort.  He also received the Ted Elderly Award as the top graduating basketball player in the city.  I have said before that I think there are significant transferrable skills shared by a good B-ball defender and a DB.  Certainly the skills Mandich displayed caught the eye of DC NacNeill last year when he was in London scouting STA teammates Matt Nesbitt and Cam Walker who both saw playing time in their freshmen year at Guelph.  The highlights below are from Mandich’s 2010 season.  One play definitely worth seeing from 2011 is found at the 45sec mark of this CTV sports report.   Keep in mind Mandich is covering the star receiver of the Western Bowl champion Lucas Vikings.  To me it demonstrates that Mandich has the coverage skills necessary to compete in the CIS.

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