R & B Scrimmage – part 2

Photos by Kim Zabawa

It’s an impossible job to keep your eye on everyone at every position.  But it appeared that all the veterans on the defense had solid outings yesterday. That would include Mike Millar, Jake Reinhart, Colin MacDonald, Jaryd Baines and Bryan Dunjko among others.  Cam Thorn and Curtis Rukavina were there but did not participate in the scrimmage.  Kalven Seilis has sat out of spring practice for health reasons.  One DT that you couldn’t help but notice, who was taking advantage of the opportunity to get lots of reps, was 6’8″ freshman Hunter Bowman.  Linebackers Reinhart and MacDonald have switched positions with Rhino at Will and C-mac at Mac.  Coaches seemed quite happy with the results of that experiment.

Three other players who seemed to have stepped up their games are freshman DE Blake McNeely, freshman LB Cam Walker and 3rd year DB Taylor Palmer.  I recall Palmer seeing some playing time at Sam LB but he was working as a defensive half yesterday.  What I saw in the scrimmage seemed to confirm what I had been hearing with respect to the vacant corner positions – freshman Graham Smyth and sophomore Eric Parris seemed have worked their way to the top of the depth chart at those spots.  I did hear that Matt Suzuki had a really strong showing at the corner spot in the inter-squad practice with the Golden Hawks but he picked up some sort of affliction that kept him out of the Sunday scrimmage.

The special teams play was very limited, mostly the kicking without a return team.  The punting was a little disappointing but the kickers – Ferraro, Tropea and Santos – did hit some long field goals.

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