Red & Black Scrimmage 2012

It was damp and a little chilly but the rain held off Sunday afternoon at Varsity Field.  With a large crowd that included many members of the 2012 recruiting class there was a lot of energy and excitement for a controlled scrimmage.  The event had a very professional feel complete with OUA referees.

The defense was dressed entirely in red including red pants I don’t remember seeing before.  The offense was all in white with the exception of the QBs who wore all black.  Speaking of QBs, there were only three dressed – Jazz Lindsey, Luke Nangle and Matt Woehl.  Former starter Chris Rossetti saw lots of action as a slot receiver and he didn’t look a bit out of place.  He clearly has a strong knowledge of all the routes and assignments, he ran good routes and was a physical blocker.  With a strong arm and quick feet Jazz looks ready to pick up where he left off. Nangle looked very good with some slick ball fakes and several TD passes.  Matt Woehl got quite a few reps and clearly has a strong arm.

Perhaps the receiver who came up with the most big plays was 6’4″ freshman James Ingram.  Alex Charette and Michael Fortino also made plays.  There were many more receivers getting lots of reps.  I wrote down numerous jersey numbers in my notes but haven’t gotten around to identifying them all. But that is one of the problems of a scrimmage.

It’s clear watching running back Connor Anderson why he received an NCAA scholarship coming out of high school.  He has good size and lots of talent.  Rob Farquarson, Cory Davidson and Mark Rutledge also looked good.  Perhaps the O-Line deserves as much credit as anyone.  There were only five OLs available for the interlocking practice at Laurier on Saturday and the scrimmage today.   A few bad snaps aside, Matt Richardson, Cody O’Neil, Lucas Meschino, Scott McDooling and Chris Hutton were solid, getting lots of push up front in several short yardage situations.  Apparently on Saturday the WLU defenders never laid a finger on Gryphon quarterbacks.

I’ll try to have some info on the defense tomorrow.

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