Spring practices 2012

I haven’t made it to a spring practice but if nothing else I’ll be in Guelph for the Red & Black scrimmage on Sunday.  I have been able to garner some info from several sources via email, text messages and Facebook.  It is far from complete coverage but seems worth sharing:

On the O-Line, several underclassmen who were back-ups will not be returning but the unit’s leader Matt Richardson is back and his knee is healthy … Jake Piotrowski is looking outstanding at OT, he should make quite an impression on CFL scouts at the East-West Bowl … add some injuries & a couple of sick players to the number of OLs not returning and the o-line unit has short bodies this week … partly explains the numbers in this recruiting class.

Two sources said the running game looks good … with Rob Farquarson and Cory Davidson performing well … Dan MacDonald has been impressive blocking from the H-back position.   I haven’t heard anything about the QBs but I never specifically asked anyone about it.  With respect to the passing game everyone seems to agree that Saxon Lindsey has been outstanding; apparently it won’t shock coaches if he is drafted. [That would correspond with what I heard about him impressing several CFL teams at the NIC combine.]  Freshman receiver Dylan Husty has been surprisingly good.

On the defensive side, 2011’s top freshman Jordan Thompson continues to impress … one source says “he looks like he has put on good weight” and another “he’s bigger and stronger and maybe even quicker”… Cam Thorn is healthy and has been a force against the run … LB Cam Walker is looking great … Colin MacDonald looks at home working at inside LB … Graham Smyth and Eric Parris are the guys who have stepped up and impressed at the corner positions.

I hope to be able to talk directly with DC MacNeill, OC Galloway and other coaches.  Definitely on Sunday, hopefully sooner.

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