CFL & NFL teams interested in Gryphon safety

Jordan Duncan with his grandfather

Most people connected with the Gryphon football program are aware that my son has played for the team.  I’ve never emphasized that because this blog is about the team and the program and not about my son.  I have only mentioned his name twice on the blog in the past four months.  That’s two mentions in the last 54 articles.  But today this post is about him.

Jordan Duncan is not enrolled in classes at Guelph this semester.  He has spent the past two months concentrating on training for a professional football career.  This afternoon he went to Toronto to take part in this weekend’s CFL Evaluation Camp.  In what is very good news, when he arrived Jordan found out that five of the leagues eight teams had already scheduled interviews for him.  Jordan was already aware of a high level of interest from CFL teams because of the many strong contacts that Guelph has in the CFL.  Back in January Defensive Coordinator Kevin MacNeill told me he wished he had had as much feedback from CFL teams, when he was draft eligible, as Guelph players receive.

Jordan has loved everything about his experience at Guelph.  I’ve never heard him utter a single negative word about the team, the coaches  or the school.  Even though I went with him on several recruiting visits, including Guelph, I never expected him to choose the Gryphons.  Now as a parent I am 100% sure he made the right decision for himself.

By not enrolling in school this semester Jordan has decided to forego the possibility of a 5th year in 2012 and concentrate on a professional career.  That’s never a sure thing but he wants to give it a 100% effort.  I admit I counselled him to stay in school so that he kept his options open.  But once again it appears he has made a wise choice.

Not only does he have lots of CFL interest but since his Gryphon highlights were sent to NFL teams three weeks ago four have responded with positive interest.  Because of  this interest from the Patriots, Ravens, Dolphins and a team I’ve forgotten the Packers, Jordan has been invited to a Pro Day at the University of Buffalo next week.  That, in and of itself, is a great honour few Canadian football players get.

Obviously, I hope he does very well this weekend.  I expect him to put up very good testing numbers particularly in the drills that measure agility.  Without a doubt he displays incredible agility for a player of his height – 6’2-3/4″.   It’s a rare combination.

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6 Responses to CFL & NFL teams interested in Gryphon safety

  1. gryphfan says:

    Congrats on your son being invited to the CFL e-camp. Do you know the names of any Gryphons that participated in the NIC? Thanks.

    • I believe Aaron Haid, David Harrison, Saxon Lindsey, Colin MacDonald, Mike Millar, Jake Reinhart, Curtis Rukavina and Kalven Seilis all participated. I’ve heard some good things about their effortsand would like to post something if I can garner a few more details.

  2. Unfortunately, results from the NIC have never been made public.

  3. Jim Finley says:

    Thats fantastic news! Congratulations from the Finley Family and best of luck to Jordan.

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