BC’s top QB commits to Guelph

I predicted last summer that Guelph would land some elite prospects from outside Ontario.  I was just starting to wonder if that would happen when Mikey Carney, a high profile national recruit out of Burnaby BC, announced his commitment to the Gryphons.  Carney is a three sport star at St Thomas More Collegiate who also quarterbacked Team BC in last summer’s Football Canada Cup.  This outstanding 5’10” 170lb athlete has a long, long list of accolades:

  • Subway Academic Player of the Year for BC ($2000 Scholarship)
  • BC ‘AAA’ Provincial All Star Quarterback
  • ‘AAA’ Conference Offensive Player of the Year
  • 2011 Football Canada Cup Bronze Medalist, Team BC QB & Off. Player of the Game (Bronze Medal victory over Team Ontario West)
  • 2010 BC ‘AAA’ Grade 11 Player of the Year

From Burnaby Now:

Two big plays by Mikey Carney was all B.C. needed to win the bronze medal at Football Canada’s under-18 Canada Cup in Lethbridge, Alta.

Carney, the Grade 11 provincial high school player of the year, was named B.C.’s offensive player of the game in the team’s 14-1 victory over Ontario West in the consolation bronze medal matchup on July 15.

Carney led his St Thomas More team to an 8-1 record.  The Knights were the #1 ranked team in BC throughout the season until an upset in the ‘AAA” semi-final.  [‘AAA’ is BC’s highest level of high school football.]  He is a dual threat quarterback who would seem ideally suited for OC Galloway’s offense.  In 2011 Carney passed for 1431 yards and 11 TDs with only 3 INTs.  He also rushed for 443 yards and 5 TDs.  An all-round athlete Carney also played defensive back for the Knights.  Watching his 2011 highlights is the best way to appreciate his abilities.

In addition to his football exploits Carney won a gold medal at the 2011 BC Secondary School track and field championships in the 4×100 metre relay.  And Carney excels as a point guard for a highly ranked STM basketball team.  For example, at last month’s BC Catholic Boy’s tournament Carney was named the tourney’s top defensive player and a 2nd team all star.  Earlier in January he led STM to a tournament title where the Vancouver Courier tells us, “senior guard Mikey Carney also made the all-tournament first team.”

Carney isn’t the only blue chip athlete in the family.  His brother Sam Carino was a 5 year starter for the UBC Thunderbirds.  He was a CIS 2nd team All Canadian and a 3-time Canada West All Star

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13 Responses to BC’s top QB commits to Guelph

  1. Tom says:

    Too small.

    • Too small? I guess in the same sense that Drew Brees is too small or Doug Flutie was too small.
      At the QB position, sometimes, If you’ve got the intangibles height doesn’t matter so much. From my conversations with Kevin MacNeill, who recruited in BC last fall, besides his speed & athleticism Carney has all the intangibles you could ask for – a winner, a playmaker, a leader, an A++ student, huge football IQ, etc. I’m sure MacNeill would be glad to use him at corner like his All Cdn older brother but they definitely believe Carney can be a CIS pivot.

  2. Grant MacDonald says:

    Watching this video reminds me a little of JD, but shorter….could be a good pickup although i agree…little short

    • I don’t think height matters quite as much in the new Guelph offense as it would in a lot of other systems. Remember, its about speed, athleticism, misdirection more than size and power.

      • A-Gap says:

        You’re spelling out a recipe for disaster. How did 2011 turn out relative to expectations? This team is going to get pushed around.

      • Oregon uses smaller, faster athletes. Do they get pushed around?

        And a lot of these recruits will be 10 or 20 lbs heavier before they see the field. The O-linemen most likely to see the field in 2012 are 280, 295 & 300 lbs a piece. Think about how Mike MacDonald’s small, athletic O-Line at Burlington Notre Dame absolutely dominated bigger teams on their way to back-to-back OFSAA bowl wins.

  3. Stewie says:

    Some good QB skills but after watching the film the shortcoming (not a pun) appears blatantly obvious. However, with some of the same measurables Rosseti struggled. Not sure what being seen that has one feeling better about BC’s top prospect’s potential success. Only time will tell.

  4. Tom says:

    Actually Peter, Oregon does get pushed around a lot…it’s the single biggest knock against that program. They can’t stop the offence of any good teams – they get the ball pounded down their throats.

    • My comparison to Oregon had nothing to do with their defense.

      The Oregon offense has been tremendously successful with a smaller and more athletic lineup.

      LaMichael James is only 185lbs after 4 years with Oregon. Three of the 5 remaining RBs on their roster are 170 to 179. There are a lot of skinny WRs on the Ducks roster. The O-line is also smaller and faster than the typical FBS team.

  5. John Q says:

    He does seem to have a level head when it comes to quick decision making. In the video, he doesn’t telegraph his passes by staring at his intended target. He clearly is looking around. I like that. The rookie Jazz Lindsay has similar qualities from the games I saw him in. On the whole, good luck to the boy. I think he is joining a team that is clearly on the upswing. Go Gryphons!

  6. Raw says:

    Definitely a great athlete that can be used somewhere on the field, and potentially be a good CIS QB. I don’t think height matters as much in the Canadian game, especially if that QB possesses good mobility. Brannangan & Dunk weren’t very tall, and each had very successful careers. These examples alone are reason enough to not write off a QB for his lack of height. Guelph is especially favourable for a shorter QB, given that they are always in shotgun. The bigger issue here is his mechanics – he is very raw. He has agile feet but poor technique (shuffling or backpedaling rather than dropping back properly), and his release is low and a bit slow. He occasionally seems to have issues with throwing a spiral and under throws some of the longer completions. That being said, he also displays some great touch as well. With good coaching, these issues can be corrected, he is only a high school QB right now – does Guelph have an everyday QB coach?

  7. Raw says:

    That being said, this kid is already under the gun and he hasn’t even stepped on campus yet. I wonder what he is thinking as he reads this!

    • I don’t think Carney will be under too much pressure when he steps on campus. Guelph has pretty good depth at QB with Lindsey and Rossetti. So it would take some significant circumstances to force Carney into action as a freshman.

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