Another Team Ontario OL commits to Guelph

It was hard to pick a headline for this young man.  Not only did he play for Team Ontario West in 2010 but he was selected to the OVFL All Star team at offensive tackle that year as well.  The honours don’t end there for Kyle Fraser of Port Colborne’s Lakeshore Catholic SS. 

Fraser will be starting for the Golden Horseshoe All Stars this spring when they face the GTA squad.  Fraser played in back-to-back Golden Horseshoe Bowls with the powerhouse Lakeshore program in 2009 and ’10.  At 6’4″ and 255 lbs Fraser is considered undersized for an OT but he was highly recruited because he is extremely athletic, very aggressive and an excellent pass blocker.  I read somewhere that Fraser is stronger than the average 300 pounder and twice as fast.  The fact that he can bench 225 twenty times would seem to validate that.

Like many other Gryphons, Fraser played his summer ball with the Niagara Spears.  Fraser has the athletic ability, footspeed and strength to fit in very well with Coach Galloway’s offense.  That may allow him to play early in his career at Guelph though ideally I would like to see him add 15 or 20 lbs first.

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