Another stud DL commits to Guelph

As his team marched through the playoffs university coaches and recruiters were more than a little impressed with this two-way player.  Much of the discussion I overheard didn’t focus on whether he was good enough to play CIS but rather on what side of the ball to play him on?  In Niagara, high school football coaches solved that dilemna by electing him an AAAA All Conference player on both sides of the ball.  In fact, St Paul Patriots OL/DL Donnie Egerter is the only player in the region honoured in that way.

Unlike some of the CIS coaches who were watching Egerter for the first time in the Golden Horseshoe Bowl playoffs, Gryphon coaches have projected him as a DL for some time.  That’s the position I watched him play with the Niagara Spears and where he was a 2010 OVFL All Star selection.

At 6’3″ and 260lbs Egerter’s size isn’t entirely uncommon but his physical maturity is.  I’ve often heard him described as a “man child”, “a stud” or “a man among boys”.  His physical play reflects that with one recruiter telling me, “he throws opponents around like they are children”.

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