Hamilton playmaker commits to Guelph

Update: Darren Ivey who committed to the Gryphons in 2012 but did not enroll at Guelph will now be part of the incoming class of 2013 recruits. [Click here for the full list of 2013 Recruits] Ivey who didn’t play football in 2012 but explored some other educational options, decided that the University of Guelph is where he really wanted to be. Below is my write-up on Ivey from the 2012.

*     *     *

I have watched Hamilton’s St Thomas More Knights play four or five times in the past two seasons.  They are a talented and well coached team.  While they have lots of athletes one player you can’t help but notice is Darren Ivey, a small but dynamic playmaker.  The 5’9″ 160 lb Ivey makes plays primarily on offense and special teams, but also plays defense.

Every time I saw STM play I was thinking – “Wow, he’s a great little player” but I wasn’t initially certain that he was a CIS level player. But when you watch him enough you realize he just consistently makes too many plays against good competition not to be. If I wasn’t already convinced, his play in this season’s Hamilton Catholic championship game would have proven to me that he could succeed at the next level.  His More team faced Cardinal Newman, one of the top ranked teams in Canada.  And Ivey continually came up with big plays even against an outstanding team in a losing effort.  He is fast and extremely elusive.  He changes direction effortlessly and can even throw it in reverse when necessary to get himself into the open field.  I can imagine him playing at the X or Y receiver spot and being used in a manner similar to Onterio McCalebb in Gus Malzahn’s Auburn offense.

Ivey was a team captain for STM the past two seasons.  The Knights were Hamilton Catholic champions in 2010. He has also been a team MVP.

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