Guelph Mercury getting into the act

Wow!  It’s nice to see the Guelph Mercury doing a story on Gryphon recruiting.  Especially  in January.  Even if it took the intriguing announcement of American recruit Ray Bahr to get them started.   And the good thing is it was their third story of the week related to Gryphon football (links below).  Don’t they know it’s the off-season?  🙂

Running back Ray Bahr of Evanston Township high school in Illinois has committed to join the Guelph Gryphons beginning with the 2012 OUA football season.

“Ray Bahr is an interesting individual,” Guelph head coach Stu Lang said. “We just got his highlight tapes several months ago just by fluke. We didn’t know of him, but we watched the highlight tapes and we were just blown away. He’s a phenomenal running back.”

Bahr and his family visited Guelph last month and liked what they saw. Bahr has dual citizenship—his mother is Canadian—and he also works in Muskoka during the summer months.

He had not been on the Gryphons’ radar, but sent his highlight tapes to the team after he found that the U of G offers programs in environmental science and marine biology.

“It was more luck than planning,” Lang said. “This email arrived with an attached highlight tape and that’s what started it all off.” 

Read the full story: Gryphons high on recruit who came to them

*     *     *

Also in the Mercury, a story on the new turf field that contains some new details starting with  Guelph football coach Stu Lang says turf cash donation didn’t come from him

“We’re not going to go Boise State,” Lang says in reference to that school’s blue field. “What you’ll see on the field will be similar to what some of the teams in the NCAA have done and that’s about as far as I can go. It’ll be unique. It’ll be memorable.”

*     *     *

And finally, more information about the Gryphons’ plans for a  continued fashion evolution that will include not only a third helmet – Green Bay yellow with sparkles – but also the return of yellow pants.  Gryphs add a spot of colour


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